In economics, the voluntary sector is surprisingly understudied. In order to fully understand economics, unpaid and voluntary work needs to be taken into account and afforded the same status as paid activities. This book constitutes a rigorous economic analysis with special emphasis on gender issues and covers every conceivable angle of unpaid work and all its ramifications for the modern economy.

The unified vision offered by this group of leading contributors ensures this book is a work of excellent quality. There is every chance it will become a seminal study on unpaid work and as such will provide a useful reference for students and academics involved in gender studies, econometrics, and consumption studies.

chapter |10 pages


ByAntonella Picchio
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chapter |18 pages

1 A macroeconomic approach to an extended standard of living

ByAntonella Picchio
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chapter |30 pages

2 Unpaid work by gender in Italy

ByTindara Addabbo
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chapter |44 pages

3 Extended income estimation and income inequality by gender

ByTindara Addabbo, Antonella Caiumi
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chapter |19 pages

4 Unpaid work and household living standards

Equivalence scale estimation and intra-family distribution of resources
ByAntonella Caiumi
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chapter |35 pages

5 Unpaid work and household well-being

A non-monetary assessment
ByEnrica Chiappero-Martinetti
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chapter |14 pages

6 ‘Convenience consumption' and unpaid labour time

Paradoxes or norms?
ByGiuliana Campanelli
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chapter |11 pages

7 Young people living with their parents

The gender impact of co-residence on labour supply and unpaid work
ByGianna Claudia Giannelli, Chiara Monfardini
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chapter |35 pages

8 Unpaid and paid caring work in the reform of welfare states

ByElisabetta Addis
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chapter |25 pages

9 The gender impact of workfare policies in Italy and the effect of unpaid work

ByTindara Addabbo, Massimo Baldini
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