This book brings together thirteen scholars to introduce the newest and most cutting-edge research in the field of Russian and East European art history. Reconsidering canonical figures, re-examining prevalent debates, and revisiting aesthetic developments, the book challenges accepted histories and entrenched dichotomies in art and architecture from the nineteenth century to the present. In doing so, it resituates the artistic production of this region within broader socio-cultural currents and analyzes its interconnections with international discourse, competing political and aesthetic ideologies, and continuous discussions over identity.

chapter |12 pages


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part 1|100 pages

Mobile Margins

chapter 1|17 pages

Blood, Skin, and Paint

Karl Briullov in 1832
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chapter 3|15 pages

An Exercise in Looking

Ilia Repin's They Did Not Expect Him
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chapter 4|16 pages

“Is Disagreement among Artists a Good Thing?”

The End of Salon-Type Exhibitions in Russia and Western Europe
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chapter 5|16 pages

Blurring Boundaries

Mikhail Vrubel's Decorative Turn and the Rise of Russian Modernism
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part 2|108 pages

Visualizing Ideology

chapter 7|21 pages

Art in the Age of Binary Inversion

Russian Constructivist Graphic Design and the Interwar Grid
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chapter 9|15 pages

A Socialist Neo-Avant-Garde?

The Case of Postwar Yugoslavia
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chapter 10|14 pages

The Troubled Public Sphere

Understanding the Art Scene in Socialist Hungary
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chapter 13|16 pages

History in the Future Tense

On Recent Installations by Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina
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