Youth and the Politics of the Present presents a range of topical sociological investigations into various aspects of the everyday practices of young adults in different European contexts. Indeed, this volume provides an original and provocative investigation of various current central issues surrounding the effects of globalization and the directions in which Western societies are steering their future.

Containing a wide range of empirical and comparative examples from across Europe, this title highlights how young adults are trying to implement new forms of understanding, interpretation and action to cope with unprecedented situations; developing new forms of relationships, identifications and belonging while they experience new and unprecedented forms of inclusion and exclusion. Grounding this exploration is the suggestion that careful observations of the everyday practices of young adults can be an excellent vantage point to grasp how and in what direction the future of contemporary Western societies is heading.

Offering an original and provocative investigation, Youth and the Politics of the Present will appeal to students and researchers interested in fields such as Youth Studies, Globalization Studies, Migration Studies, Gender Studies and Social Policy.

chapter |16 pages

A complex uncertainty

Young people in the riddle of the present
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part I|39 pages


chapter Chapter 1|13 pages

Learning (not) to labour

How middle-class young adults look for creative jobs in a precarious time in Italy
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chapter Chapter 2|12 pages

Negotiating reality through the prosumption of the ‘unreal’ self

Young people’s identities in an age of economic precarity
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chapter Chapter 3|12 pages


Facing the mobility imperative
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part II|69 pages


chapter Chapter 4|16 pages

Fragile transitions from education to employment

Youth, gender and migrant status in the EU
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chapter Chapter 5|13 pages

Precarious and creative

Youth facing uncertainty in the labour market
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chapter Chapter 6|13 pages

Youth and precariousness in Spain

Beyond a waiting time
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chapter Chapter 7|12 pages

The myth of flexibility

Young adults’ expectations of work in the digital economy in Milan
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part III|54 pages


chapter Chapter 9|12 pages

Young women of Muslim background in France and Britain

Personal and public projects
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chapter Chapter 10|12 pages

Occupying the city

From social housing to the theatre
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chapter Chapter 11|12 pages

‘I would rather choose a mixed school’

Young people’s secondary school choice in a low-income, multi-ethnic neighbourhood
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chapter Chapter 12|16 pages

Our Nation’s Future

Youth visions of a post-Brexit Britain
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