Heroes and heroic discourse have gained new visibility in the twenty-first century. This is noted in recent research on the heroic, but it has been largely ignored that heroism is increasingly a global phenomenon both in terms of production and consumption. This edited collection aims to bridge this research void and brings together case studies by scholars from different parts of the world and diverse fields. They explore how transnational and transcultural processes of translation and adaptation shape notions of the heroic in non-Western and Western cultures alike. The book provides fresh perspectives on heroism studies and offers a new angle for global and postcolonial studies.

chapter |18 pages


Studying Heroism from a Global Perspective
ByBarbara Korte, Simon Wendt
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chapter 1|19 pages

‘Like a Cinema When the Last of the Audience Has Gone and Only the Staff Remain’

Biggles and (Post-)Imperial Heroism
ByMichael Goodrum
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chapter 2|23 pages

Y’a Bon?

Popularizing the Tirailleurs as Heroes of (Anti-)Colonialism
ByKonstanze N’Guessan, Mareike Späth
Size: 1.08 MB

chapter 3|20 pages

Princess of a Different Kingdom

Cultural Imperialism, Female Heroism, and the Global Performance of Walt Disney’s Mulan and Moana
BySotirios Mouzakis
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chapter 4|18 pages

One Hero Fits All?

Cultural Translations in Doctor Strange (2016) as ‘Global Hero’ Movie
ByNicole Falkenhayner, Maria-Xenia Hardt
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chapter 5|15 pages

Zashchitniki (Guardians)

A Failed Russian-Soviet Answer to Superman and Batman
ByDietmar Neutatz
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chapter 6|18 pages

‘This Beast in the Shape of a Man’

Right-Wing Populism, White Masculinity, and the Transnational Heroization of Donald Trump
ByMichael Butter
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chapter 7|18 pages

Axe and Helmet

The Widening Range of New York Firefighters as (Super-)Heroes
ByWolfgang Hochbruck
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chapter 8|17 pages

Unlikely Tragic (Anti-)Heroes

Gangsters Translated into Hindi Films
BySugata Nandi
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chapter 9|22 pages

Heroism and the Pleasure and Pain of Mistranslation

The Case of The Act of Killing
ByAriel Heryanto
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chapter 10|20 pages

Shaolin Martial Arts Heroes in Industrial Hong Kong

Between Colonialism, Postcolonialism, and Globalism
ByRicardo K. S. Mak
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chapter 11|18 pages

Interhuman. Interspecies. Global.

Heroism in Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs (2018)
ByUlrike Zimmermann
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chapter 12|15 pages

Global Heroism as a Discursive Tradition

A Critical Response
ByKen Chitwood
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