Enabling the City is a collaborative book that focuses on how interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary processes of knowledge production may contribute to urban transformation at a local level in the 21st century, striking a balance between enthusiastic support for such transformational potential and a cautious note regarding the persistent challenges to the ethos as well as the practice of inter and transdisciplinarity.

The rich stories reflect different research and local practice cultures, exploring issues such as ageing, community, health and dementia, public space, energy, mobility cultures, heritage, housing, re-use, and renewal, as well as more universal questions about urban sustainability and climate change, and perhaps most importantly, education. Against this backdrop, aspirations for the 21st century are related to the international, national, and local agendas expressed in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in the New Urban Agenda (NUA), raising fundamental questions of how to enable development. We highlight aspects of transformative learning and ways of knowing, critical to any collaborative and participatory process.

part I|45 pages

Setting the Scene

chapter 1|13 pages

Setting the Stage

ByJosefine Fokdal, Olivia Bina, Prue Chiles, Liis Ojamäe, Katrin Paadam
Size: 0.28 MB

chapter 2|17 pages

The Inter- and Transdisciplinary Process: A Framework

ByOlivia Bina, Josefine Fokdal, Prue Chiles, Katrin Paadam, Liis Ojamäe
Size: 0.30 MB

chapter 3|11 pages

Words Matter: A Shared Baseline Vocabulary

ByJulie Mennes
Size: 0.21 MB

part II|135 pages

Urban Stories Beyond Disciplines

chapter 1|15 pages

The Place and Space of Power

Mess, Uncertainty and Change over Time
ByPrue Chiles, Anna Krzywoszynska, Helen Holmes, Alastair Buckley, Jose Mawyin, Matt Watson
Size: 2.67 MB

chapter 2|15 pages

A Creative “Nanotown”

Framing Sustainable Development Scenarios with Local People in Calabria
ByGiulio Verdini, Olivia Bina, Prue Chiles, Pilar Maria Guerrieri, Etra Connie Occhialini, Alan Mace, Christian Nolf, Anna Paola Pola, Paola Raffa
Size: 1.14 MB

chapter 3|15 pages

Explorations on Residential Resilience

Brf Viva 2011–2019 1
BySten Gromark, Björn Andersson, Anna Braide
Size: 0.66 MB

chapter 4|9 pages

Swimming Free

The Citizen-Driven Transformation of Neubad Lucerne
ByJosefine Fokdal, Patricia Wolf, Christian Lars Schuchert, Sibylla Amstutz, Bettina Minder, Alex Willener
Size: 0.20 MB

chapter 5|15 pages

Real-World Laboratories as Catalysts for Urban Change

The Example of CASA Schützenplatz in Stuttgart
ByRaphael Dietz, Josefine Fokdal, Marius Gantert, Astrid Ley, Jesús Martínez Zárate, Antje Stokman
Size: 1.73 MB

chapter 6|15 pages

A Step Towards an Enjoyable City

Joining Expertise in Redesigning Public Space Along the “Main Street” in Tallinn
ByLiis Ojamäe, Katrin Paadam
Size: 2.33 MB

chapter 7|15 pages

Partnerships for Urban Regeneration: Who Needs Academic Research?

ByElena Dimitrova
Size: 1.28 MB

chapter 8|11 pages

Barriers and Potentials of Inter-Professional Planning

Creating Care Homes for People with Dementia
ByHans Thor Andersen, Inge Mette Kirkeby
Size: 0.39 MB

chapter 9|15 pages

Together on the Platform

Common Action and Reviving the Central Open Public Space in Ruski Car (Russian Tsar) in Ljubljana
ByMatej Nikšič
Size: 1.08 MB

part III|59 pages

Short Stories from Practice

chapter 1|9 pages

Protohome – Newcastle

An Experimental Self-Build Housing Installation
ByJulia Heslop
Size: 1.07 MB

chapter 2|7 pages

Spreefeld Co-Housing – Berlin

An Island of Common Good Thinking
ByMichael LaFond, Prue Chiles, Alice Grant
Size: 0.59 MB

chapter 3|7 pages

Portland Works – Sheffield

A Framework for Co-Production and Community Ownership
ByCristina Cerulli
Size: 0.64 MB

chapter 4|9 pages

Urban Change – Gagliato

The Future Story of a Calabrian Hill Town
ByRob Wills, James Anderson, Emma Kingman, Prue Chiles
Size: 1.60 MB

chapter 5|7 pages

Sino – French Cooperation

Cultural Heritage and Rural Area Development In Guizhou Province
ByFrançoise Ged
Size: 1.19 MB

chapter 6|5 pages

City Forums – Tallinn

Changing the Way We Think
ByRaul Järg
Size: 0.34 MB

chapter 7|7 pages

Vodnikova Road – Ljubljana

More Than a Road to the City
ByMatej Nikšič, Marco Peterlin, Prue Chiles
Size: 1.36 MB

part IV|39 pages

Lessons Learned – Beyond Context

chapter 1|9 pages

Transdisciplinarity Revisited: Transformative Potential of Lessons we Might Learn

ByChristoph Woiwode, Olivia Bina
Size: 0.23 MB
Size: 0.22 MB

chapter 3|17 pages

Enabling the City: Learning for Transfomational Change

ByJosefine Fokdal, Olivia Bina, Giulio Verdini
Size: 0.47 MB