Challenges and Solutions in Ethnographic Research: Ethnography with a Twist seeks to rethink ethnography ‘outside the box’ of its previous tradition and to develop ethnographic methods by critically discussing the process, ethics, impact and knowledge production in ethnographic research.

This interdisciplinary edited volume argues for a ‘twist’ that supports openness, courage, and creativity to develop and test innovative and unconventional ways of thinking and doing ethnography. ‘Ethnography with a twist’ means both an intentional aim to conduct ethnographic research with novel approaches and methods but also sensitivity to recognize and creativity to utilize different kinds of ‘twist moments’ that ethnographic research may create for the researcher. 

This edited volume critically evaluates new and old methodological tools and their ability to engage with questions of power difference. It proposes new collaborative methods that allow for co-production and co-creation of research material as well as shared conceptual work and wider distribution of knowledge. The book will be of use to ethnographers in humanities and social science disciplines including sociology, anthropology and communication studies.

part I|52 pages

New collaborative practices in ethnography

chapter 1|18 pages


Creating new concepts through reflexive team ethnography
Size: 1.02 MB

chapter 2|15 pages

Embodied adventures

An experiment on doing and writing multisensory ethnography
Size: 0.30 MB

chapter 3|17 pages


A walk in progress (or the minutes of the International Society of the Imaginary Perambulator)
Size: 0.51 MB

part II|62 pages

Visuality and multi-modality in ethnography

Size: 0.11 MB
Size: 0.15 MB

chapter 6|16 pages

Drawing and storycrafting with Estonian children

Sharing experiences of mobility
Size: 0.83 MB

chapter 7|15 pages

Sharpening the pencil

A visual journey towards the outlines of drawing as an autoethnographical method
Size: 2.17 MB

part III|44 pages

Ethnography of power dynamics in challenging contexts

chapter 8|14 pages

Retrospective ethnographies

Twisting moments of researching commemorative practices among volunteers after the refugee arrivals to Europe 2015
Size: 0.13 MB

chapter 10|13 pages

Elite interviewing

The effects of power in interactions. The experiences of a northern woman
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part IV|62 pages

Embodied and affective ethnography

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chapter 13|16 pages

Ethnography, arts production and performance

Meaning making in and for the street
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chapter |8 pages

Ethnographic twists and turns

An alternative epilogue
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