This book provides a synthesis of the key issues and challenges facing agriculture and food production in Southern Africa.

Southern Africa is facing numerous challenges from diverse issues such as agricultural transformations, growing populations, urbanization and climate change. These challenges place great pressure on food security, agriculture, water availability and other natural resources, as well as impacting biodiversity. Drawing on case studies from Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, the chapters in this book consider these challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective, covering key areas in constraints to production, the most important building blocks of good farming practices, and established and emerging technologies. This book will be a valuable support for informing new policies and processes aimed at improving food production and security and developing sustainable agriculture in Southern Africa.

This informative volume will be key reading for those interested in agricultural science, African studies, rural studies, development studies and sustainability. It will also be a valuable resource for policymakers, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, and agricultural practitioners.

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part I|13 pages

Overview of Southern African agriculture

part II|49 pages

Major drivers and constraints impacting agricultural transformation

chapter 3|10 pages

Twice as many people in 2050

The need for agricultural transformation in Southern Africa
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chapter 5|9 pages

Land rich but water poor

The prospects for agricultural intensification in Southern Africa
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chapter 6|11 pages

The big giveaway

Farmers and biological constraints
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part III|75 pages

Current technologies

chapter 12|10 pages

Integrated pest management in Southern Africa

Approaches and enabling policy issues
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chapter 15|8 pages

Technologies for agricultural transformation

Animal health
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part IV|74 pages

Emerging technologies

chapter 20|9 pages

Going digital

Harnessing the power of emerging technologies for the transformation of Southern African agriculture
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chapter 23|9 pages

Trees on farms and farmers in the forest

Good practices and a need for policy
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part V|93 pages

Improving policies and processes

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chapter 29|13 pages

Agricultural growth corridors in sub-Saharan Africa – new hope for agricultural transformation and rural development?

The case of the Southern agricultural growth corridor of Tanzania
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chapter 32|10 pages

Changing farm structure in Africa

Implications on agricultural transformation in Southern Africa
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chapter 33|10 pages

Food security in Africa

A complex issue requiring new approaches to scientific evidence and quantitative analysis
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part VI|5 pages


chapter 34|3 pages

The way forward

The editors
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