This book examines how educators internationally can better understand the role of education as a public good designed to nurture peace, tolerance, sustainable livelihoods and human fulfilment.

Bringing together empirical and theoretical perspectives, this insightful text develops new understandings of education for sustainable development and global citizenship (ESD/GC) and illustrates how these might impact on educational research, policy and practice. The text recognizes the ESD/GC as pivotal to the universal ambitions of UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals, and focuses on the role of teachers and teacher educators in delivering the appropriate educational response to promote equity and sustainability. Chapters explore factors including curriculum design, values and assessment in teacher education, and consider how each and every learner can be guaranteed an understanding of their role in promoting a just and sustainable global society.

This book will be of great interest to academics, researchers, school leaders, practitioners, policy makers and students in the fields of education, teacher education and sustainability.

chapter |19 pages


Reconnecting Research, Policy and Practice in Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship
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part 1|65 pages


chapter 1|9 pages

In Search of Core Values

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chapter 3|13 pages

Learning to Unlearn

Moving Educators From a Charity Mentality Towards a Social Justice Mentality
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chapter 5|8 pages

Restorative Practice

Modelling Key Skills of Peace and Global Citizenship
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chapter 6|12 pages

Into the Vortex

Exploring Curriculum Making Possibilities that Challenge Children's Responses to Extreme Climate Events
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part 2|69 pages


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chapter 8|14 pages

Bridging 4.7 with Secondary Teachers

Engaging Critical Scholarship in Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship
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chapter 9|9 pages

Bat Conservation in the Foundation Stage

An Early Start to Education for Sustainability
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chapter 11|12 pages

Seeking to Unsettle Student Teachers' Notions of Curriculum

Making Sense of Imaginative Encounters in the Natural World
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chapter 12|12 pages

Reconceptualising Citizenship Education Towards the Global, the Political and the Critical

Challenges and Perspectives in a Province in Northern Italy
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part 3|71 pages


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chapter 15|9 pages

Results, Results, Results

Seeking Spaces for Learning in a European Global Learning and STEM Project
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chapter |11 pages


Empathy, Adaptability, Moderation and Sharing
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