Regulating Coastal Zones addresses the knowledge gap concerning the legal and regulatory challenges of managing land in coastal zones across a broad range of political and socio-economic contexts.

In recent years, coastal zone management has gained increasing attention from environmentalists, land use planners, and decision-makers across a broad spectrum of fields. Development pressures along coasts such as high-end tourism projects, luxury housing, ports, energy generation, military outposts, heavy industry, and large-scale enterprise compete with landscape preservation and threaten local history and culture. Leading experts present fifteen case studies among advanced-economy countries, selected to represent three groups of legal contexts: signatories to the 2008 Mediterranean ICZM Protocol, parties to the 2002 EU Recommendation on Integrated Coastal Zone Management, and the USA and Australia.

This book is the first to address the legal-regulatory aspects of coastal land management from a systematic cross-national comparative perspective. By including both successful and less-effective strategies, it aims to inform professionals, graduate students, policy makers, and NGOs of the legal and socio-political challenges as well as the better practices from which others could learn.

part Part I|28 pages


chapter 1|11 pages


Objectives and method of comparative analysis
ByRachelle Alterman, Cygal Pellach
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chapter 2|15 pages

The parameters for comparative analysis and their expression in supra-national legislation

ByRachelle Alterman, Cygal Pellach
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part Part II|118 pages

Country reports

chapter 3|35 pages

United Kingdom

ByLinda McElduff, Heather Ritchie
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chapter 4|19 pages

The Netherlands

ByPieter Jong, Hendrik van Sandick
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chapter 5|16 pages


ByHelle Tegner Anker
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chapter 6|26 pages


ByEva Schachtner
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chapter 7|20 pages


ByPaulo V.D. Correia, Inês Calor
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part |186 pages

Country reports

chapter 8|20 pages


ByMarta Lora-Tamayo Vallvé, Pablo Molina Alegre, Cygal Pellach
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chapter 9|21 pages


ByLoïc Prieur
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chapter 10|30 pages


ByEnzo Falco, Angela Barbanente
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chapter 11|17 pages


ByNaja Marot
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chapter 12|24 pages


ByEvangelia Balla, Georgia Giannakourou
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chapter 13|19 pages


ByKurt Xerri
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chapter 14|26 pages


ByFatma Ünsal
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chapter 15|27 pages


ByDafna Carmon, Rachelle Alterman
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part |46 pages

Country reports

chapter 16|20 pages


ByNicole Gurran
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chapter 17|24 pages

United States of America

ByA. Dan Tarlock
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part Part III|62 pages

Comparative analysis and evaluation

chapter 18|8 pages

Comparative analysis I: Introduction and the concept of the coastal zone

ByCygal Pellach, Rachelle Alterman
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chapter 19|29 pages

Comparative analysis II: Land demarcation and property rights

ByCygal Pellach, Rachelle Alterman
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chapter 20|23 pages

Comparative analysis III: Governance, planning, and climate change awareness

ByRachelle Alterman, Cygal Pellach
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