Sustainable Food System Assessment provides both practical and theoretical insights about the growing interest in and response to measuring food system sustainability. Bringing together research from the Global North and South, this book shares lessons learned, explores intended and actual project outcomes, and highlights points of conceptual and methodological convergence.

Interest in assessing food system sustainability is growing, as evidenced by the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact and the importance food systems initiatives have taken in serving as a lever for attaining the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This book opens by looking at the conceptual considerations of food systems indicators, including the place-based dimensions of food systems indicators and how measurements are implicated in sense-making and visioning processes. Chapters in the second part cover operationalizing metrics, including the development of food systems indicator frameworks, degrees of indicator complexities, and practical constraints to assessment. The final part focuses on the outcomes of assessment projects, including impacts on food policy and communities involved, highlighting the importance of building connections between sustainable food systems initiatives.

The global coverage and multi-scalar perspectives, including both conceptual and practical aspects, make this a key resource for academics and practitioners across planning, geography, urban studies, food studies, and research methods. It will also be of interest to government officials and those working within NGOs.

The Open Access version of this book, available at https://www.routledge.com/Sustainable-Food-System-Assessment-Lessons-from-Global-Practice/Blay-Palmer-Conare-Meter-Battista-Johnston/p/book/9781032083933, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.

chapter 1|16 pages

Sustainable food system assessment

Lessons from global practice
ByAlison Blay-Palmer, Damien Conaré, Ken Meter, Amanda Di Battista
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part Part I|2 pages

Conceptual foundations

chapter 2|23 pages

An emerging user-led participatory methodology

Mapping impact pathways of urban food system sustainability innovations
ByElodie Valette, Kerstin Schreiber, Damien Conaré, Veronica Bonomelli, Alison Blay-Palmer, Nicolas Bricas, Denis Sautier, Olivier Lepiller
Size: 0.85 MB

chapter 3|24 pages

Taking care of the land

An interdisciplinary approach to community-based food systems assessment in Kakisa, Northwest Territories, Canada
ByAndrew Spring, Kelly Skinner, Melaine Simba, Erin Nelson, Jennifer Baltzer, Heidi Swanson, Merritt Turetsky
Size: 0.65 MB

chapter 4|25 pages

Assessing food systems as complex adaptive systems

Conceptual views and US applications
ByKen Meter
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part Part II|2 pages

Operationalizing sustainable food system assessment

chapter 5|18 pages

Data gaps and the politics of data

Generating appropriate data for food system assessment in Cape Town, South Africa
ByJane Battersby
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chapter 6|19 pages

Action research as a tool to measure progress in sustainable food cities

Enacting reflexive governance principles to develop indicators
ByAna Moragues-Faus
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chapter 7|27 pages

Building consensus on sustainable food system assessment

Applying a Delphi survey
ByPaolo Prosperi, Thomas Allen, Bruce Cogill
Size: 1.43 MB

part Part III|2 pages

Impacts and outcomes of sustainable food system assessment

chapter 8|19 pages

Building the foundation to grow food policy

The development of a toolkit to measure advocacy capacity
ByAnne Palmer, Raychel Santo
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chapter 9|17 pages

Tools for food system change

City Region Food System assessment, planning, and policy
ByGuido Santini, Marielle Dubbeling, Alison Blay-Palmer
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chapter 10|21 pages

Assessing responsible food consumption in three Ecuadorian city regions

ByMyriam Paredes, Donald C. Cole, Fabián Muñoz, Gabriel April-Lalonde, Yubari Valero, Priscila Prado Beltrán, Laura Boada, Peter R. Berti
Size: 1.17 MB

chapter 11|18 pages

Integrating upstream determinants and downstream food metrics

ByNevin Cohen
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chapter 12|18 pages

The view from here

A critical consideration of sustainable food system assessments
ByAlison Blay-Palmer, Damien Conaré, Ken Meter, Amanda Di Battista
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