This book investigates co-housing as an alternative housing form in relation to sustainable urban development.

Co-housing is often lauded as a more sustainable way of living. The primary aim of this book is to critically explore co-housing in the context of wider social, economic, political and environmental developments. This volume fills a gap in the literature by contextualising co-housing and related housing forms. With focus on Denmark, Sweden, Hamburg and Barcelona, the book presents general analyses of co-housing in these contexts and provides specific discussions of co-housing in relation to local government, urban activism, family life, spatial logics and socio-ecology.

This book will be of interest to students and researchers in a broad range of social-scientific fields concerned with housing, urban development and sustainability, as well as to planners, decision-makers and activists.

chapter |20 pages

Co-housing, sustainable urban development and governance

An introduction
ByHåkan Thörn, Henrik Gutzon Larsen, Pernilla Hagbert, Cathrin Wasshede
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part Part I|2 pages

Co-housing in context

chapter 1|15 pages


Anti-urbanism and segregation
ByHenrik Gutzon Larsen
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chapter 2|20 pages


In between co-housing and public housing
ByClaes Caldenby
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chapter 3|17 pages


Housing movements and local government
ByDavid Scheller
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chapter 4|21 pages


Housing crisis and urban activism
ByHenrik Gutzon Larsen
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part Part II|2 pages

Co-housing as sustainable urban life?

chapter 5|23 pages

Autonomy vs. government

Consequences for sustainability in co-housing
ByDavid Scheller, Håkan Thörn
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chapter 6|20 pages

Urban activism and co-housing

ByDavid Scheller, Henrik Gutzon Larsen
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chapter 7|23 pages

Doing family in co-housing communities

ByCathrin Wasshede
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chapter 8|20 pages

The social logic of space

Community and detachment
ByClaes Caldenby, Pernilla Hagbert, Cathrin Wasshede
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chapter 9|19 pages

Co-housing as a socio-ecologically sustainable alternative?

ByPernilla Hagbert
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chapter |12 pages

Constraints and possibilities for co-housing to address contemporary urban and ecological crises

A conclusion
ByHåkan Thörn, Henrik Gutzon Larsen, Pernilla Hagbert, Cathrin Wasshede
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