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While the Nordic countries are listed at the top in most international rankings of gender equality and citizens’ feelings of security, studies on the prevalence of sexual victimisation present a different picture, suggesting that the very countries that have invested much in establishing gender equality actually see a high prevalence of sexual violence. This book sheds light on the phenomenon and construction of rape and other forms of sexual violence within the Nordic region, exploring the ways in which rape and sexual violence are dealt with through criminal law and considering governmental policies aimed at combatting it, with a special focus on legal regulations and developments. Thematically organised, it offers new research on perpetrators, victimhood, criminal justice and prevention. Multi-disciplinary in approach, it brings together the latest work from a range of scholars to offer insights into the situation in the five Nordic countries, asking how and why rape and other forms of sexual violence occur, whilst also addressing the timely issues of online sexual cultures, BDSM and the grey areas of sexual offences. As such, it will appeal to scholars of sociology, criminology and law with interests in gender and sexual violence.

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chapter 4|17 pages

Understanding unwanted sexual touching

A situational approach
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chapter 5|17 pages

Making the case for ‘good enough’ rape-prevalence estimates

Insights from a school-based survey experiment among Norwegian youths
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chapter 6|18 pages

From the protection of marriage to the defence of equality

The Finnish debate over the sexual autonomy of wives
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chapter 7|19 pages

Towards voluntariness in Swedish rape law

Hyper-medialised group rape cases and the shift in the legal discourse
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chapter 9|18 pages

Empowered or protected?

The ‘problem’ of complainants’ rights in Danish and Norwegian preparatory works on criminal procedure
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chapter 10|16 pages

Othering the rapist

Rurality, sexual violence and the Bjästa case
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chapter 11|18 pages

Sexual transgressing

Situational and narrative perspectives
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chapter 13|19 pages

Digital sexual violence

Image-based sexual abuse among Danish youth
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chapter 14|17 pages

Breaking the silence

Social media disclosures of sexual violence in Iceland
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