This book offers new insights into a largely understudied group of Greek texts preserved in selected manuscripts from the Library at Wellcome Collection, London. The content of these manuscripts ranges from medicine, including theories on diagnosis and treatment of disease, to astronomy, philosophy, and poetry. With texts dating from the ancient era to the Byzantine and Ottoman worlds, each manuscript provides its own unique story, opening a window onto different social and cultural milieus. All chapters are illustrated with black and white and colour figures, highlighting some of the most significant codices in the collection.

chapter |11 pages

The Wellcome Greek Collection

ByPetros Bouras-Vallianatos
Size: 4.04 MB

chapter 1|13 pages

Greek manuscripts in the Library at Wellcome Collection

Owners and cataloguers
ByVivian Nutton
Size: 3.45 MB

chapter 2|29 pages

The clinical method of the anonymous of Paris *

ByOrly Lewis
Size: 1.45 MB

chapter 3|12 pages

Wellcomensis MS.MSL.14 as a therapeutic handbook

ByBarbara Zipser
Size: 0.91 MB

chapter 4|47 pages

The language of iatrosophia

A case-study of two manuscripts of the Library at Wellcome Collection (MS.4103 and MS.MSL.14)
ByTina Lendari, Io Manolessou
Size: 4.18 MB

chapter 5|10 pages

Jewish astronomy in Byzantium *

The case of Wellcomensis MS.498
ByAnne Tihon
Size: 2.31 MB

chapter 6|25 pages

Manuel Korinthios’ poems in Wellcomensis MS.498

ByMaria Tomadaki
Size: 2.02 MB

chapter 7|33 pages

Greek Renaissance commentaries on the Organon

The codex Wellcomensis MS.MSL.1 *
ByNikos Agiotis
Size: 0.97 MB