The Gender-Sensitive University explores the prevailing forces that pose obstacles to driving a gender-sensitive university, which include the emergence of far-right movements that seek to subvert advances towards gender equality and managerialism that promotes creeping corporatism.

This book demonstrates that awareness of gender equality and gender sensitivity are essential for pulling contemporary academia back from the brink. New forms of leadership are fundamental to reforming our institutions. The concept of a gender-sensitive university requires re-envisioning academia to meet these challenges, as does a different engagement of men and a shift towards fluidity in how gender is formulated and performed. Academia can only be truly gender sensitive if, learning from the past, it can avoid repeating the same mistakes and addressing existing and new biases. The book chapters analyse these challenges and advocate the possibilities to ‘fix it forward’ in all areas.

Representing ten EU countries and multiple disciplines, contributors to this volume highlight the evidence of persistent gender inequalities in academia, while advocating a blueprint for addressing them. The book will be of interest to a global readership of students, academics, researchers, practitioners, academic and political leaders and policymakers who share an interest in what it takes to establish gender-sensitive universities.

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chapter Chapter 1|15 pages

An overview of gender inequality in EU universities

ByRodrigo Rosa, Eileen Drew, Siobhán Canavan
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chapter Chapter 2|12 pages

The challenge of neoliberalism and precarity for gender sensitivity in academia

ByRodrigo Rosa, Sara Clavero
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chapter Chapter 3|13 pages

Gender in academic recruitment and selection

ByMathias Wullum Nielsen
Size: 0.45 MB

chapter Chapter 4|11 pages

In pursuit of career advancement in academia

Do gendered pathways exist?
ByMary Kinahan, Julie Dunne, Jean Cahill
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chapter Chapter 5|15 pages

Work-life balance in academia

Myth or reality?
ByEileen Drew, Claire Marshall
Size: 0.56 MB

chapter Chapter 6|12 pages

Sexual violence on campus

Objectification, awareness-raising and response
ByMarion Paoletti, Suzanne Quintin, Jane Gray-Sadran, Laure Squarcioni
Size: 0.42 MB

chapter Chapter 7|18 pages

Gender pay gap reporting

Lessons from Queen’s University, Belfast and Trinity College, Dublin
ByYvonne Galligan, Tony McMahon, Tom Millar
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chapter Chapter 8|13 pages

Men and masculinities in academia

Towards gender-sensitive perspectives, processes, policies and practices
ByJeff Hearn
Size: 0.51 MB

chapter Chapter 9|14 pages

Unconscious bias in academia

A threat to meritocracy and what to do about it
ByJadranka Gvozdanović, Jemimah Bailey
Size: 0.51 MB

chapter Chapter 10|16 pages

Change management to initiate and accelerate gender equality

ByJemimah Bailey, Eileen Drew
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chapter Chapter 12|12 pages

Addressing gender inequality in academia

The role of Irish funding agencies
ByAnnie Doona
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chapter Chapter 13|11 pages

What does not happen

Interrogating a tool for building a gender-sensitive university
ByLiisa Husu
Size: 0.43 MB

chapter Chapter 14|6 pages

Towards a gender-sensitive university

ByRita Bencivenga, Eileen Drew
Size: 0.40 MB