Drawing on contributions from more than thirty scholars and experts in the field, this book examines the role of business as an enabler, as an inhibitor, and ultimately as a co-actor in global sustainability transformations expected over the next few decades.

The Role of Business in Global Sustainability Transformations employs several theoretical perspectives and provides abundant examples and cases to discuss a variety of emerging concepts, phenomena, and trends shaping business sustainability. Weaving through the chapters, the editors present core tensions and sources of inertia towards transformative change, and acknowledge that envisioning multiple solutions and pathways are possible and desirable. They advocate for the need to align visions, actions and time horizons between policy, society and business in addressing the interlinked socio-ecological challenges that our society currently faces.

This book will be an important resource for scholars and professionals working in the field of sustainability and sustainable business, and a vital educational text for students interested in this discipline.

part 1|44 pages

Business Sustainability Today

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chapter 3|19 pages

Sustainable Business Models

State of the Art and Emerging Avenues
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part 2|71 pages

Framing and Managing Sustainability

part 3|66 pages

Governance and Policy Mechanisms

chapter 8|29 pages

The Private Sector Engagement Paradox

The Proliferation of Finance and Market Driven Sustainability Tools Alongside the Acceleration of Environmental Degradation
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chapter 9|17 pages

Intact Forest Landscapes and the Forest Stewardship Council

Lessons for NGO–Business Cooperation
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chapter 10|18 pages

The Internet of Trees and Networked Surveillance

A Multi-Stakeholder Effort to Protect the Resilience of Ecosystems
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part 4|64 pages

Business Sustainability Tomorrow?

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