Care and the City is a cross-disciplinary collection of chapters examining urban social spaces, in which caring and uncaring practices intersect and shape people’s everyday lives. While asking how care and uncare are embedded in the urban condition, the book focuses on inequalities in caring relations and the ways they are acknowledged, reproduced, and overcome in various spaces, discourses, and practices.

This book provides a pathway for urban scholars to start engaging with approaches to conceptualize care in the city through a critical-reflexive analysis of processes of urbanization. It pursues a systematic integration of empirical, methodological, theoretical, and ethical approaches to care in urban studies, while overcoming a crisis-centered reading of care and the related ambivalences in care debates, practices, and spaces. These strands are elaborated via a conceptual framework of care and situated within broader theoretical debates on cities, urbanization, and urban development with detailed case studies from Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

By establishing links to various fields of knowledge, this book seeks to systematically introduce debates on care to the interconnecting fields of urban studies, planning theory, and related disciplines for the first time.

part I|34 pages

Conceptualizing Care

chapter 1|12 pages

Care, Uncare, and the City

ByAngelika Gabauer, Sabine Knierbein, Nir Cohen, Henrik Lebuhn, Kim Trogal, Tihomir Viderman
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chapter 2|9 pages

Critical Reflections on Care

ByAli Madanipour
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chapter 3|11 pages

Care from the Beginning

Birthing Collective Origins, Interdependent Cities, and New Community Economies
ByKatharine McKinnon, Stephen Healy, Kelly Dombroski
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part II|66 pages

Social Inequalities, Uneven Space, and Care

chapter 4|6 pages


Social Inequalities, Uneven Space, and Care
ByNir Cohen, Sabine Knierbein
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chapter 5|11 pages

Cartographies of Care

Urban Development in Mexico in Response to a Graying America
BySamuel Maddox
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chapter 6|11 pages

Turning the Key

How the Pink Passkey Has Shaped the Landscape of (Un)Equal Opportunity for LGBT-Friendly Eldercare Provision in the Netherlands
ByRoos Pijpers
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chapter 7|10 pages

‘We Are Here to Care'

Gendered Urban Safety in Argentina
ByAnna Bednarczyk
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chapter 8|13 pages

Healthy and Caring Cities

Accessibility for All and the Role of Urban Spaces in Re-Activating Capabilities
ByElena Marchigiani
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chapter 9|13 pages

Examining Everyday Outdoor Practices in Suburban Public Space

The Case for an Expanded Definition of Care as an Analytical Framework
BySamantha Biglieri
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part III|62 pages

Everyday Struggles and Contestations Around Care

chapter 10|6 pages


Everyday Struggles and Contestations Around Care
ByKim Trogal, Tihomir Viderman
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chapter 11|10 pages

‘Respect Toward Old People'

The Commodification of Ethnicity in Migrant Care Work in Germany
ByCaterina Rohde-Abuba
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chapter 12|10 pages

Care for the Uncared (for)

Slum Redevelopment and the Emerging Challenges of Accessing Care for the Urban Poor in Delhi
ByNiroopa Subrahmanyam
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chapter 13|11 pages

Public Space and Children

Who Cares and Who Takes Care of?
ByCésar Matos e Silva, Robertha Barros
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chapter 14|11 pages

Careful Rearrangements

Experiments with Neglected ‘Things' in Architecture
ByMicol Rispoli
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chapter 15|12 pages

Infrastructures from Below

Self-Reproduction and Common Struggle in and Beyond Athens in Crisis
ByIsabel Gutiérrez Sánchez
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part IV|64 pages

New Care Arrangements and Civic Innovation

chapter 16|6 pages


New Care Arrangements and Civic Innovation
ByAngelika Gabauer, Henrik Lebuhn
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chapter 17|12 pages

Geographies of Aging

Hidden Dimensions of Care in Stockholm, Vienna, and Zurich
ByAngelika Gabauer, Marie Glaser, Liv Christensen, Judith M. Lehner, Jing Jing, Stefan Lundberg
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chapter 19|10 pages

Heritage as a Matter of Care, and Conservation as Caring for the Matter

ByLoes Veldpaus, Hanna Szemző
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chapter 20|11 pages

Care as an Act of Inequality?

Complex Social Relations Within the Refugee Camp in Brussels' Maximilian Park Throughout 2015
ByRivka Saltiel
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chapter 21|12 pages

Digital Care Spaces

The Particularities of a Digital Home Care Platform
ByEva Mos
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