This book situates the 2020 Tokyo Olympics within the social, economic, and political challenges facing contemporary Japan.

Using the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as a lens into the city and the country as a whole, the stellar line up of contributors offer hidden insights and new perspectives on the Games. These include city planning, cultural politics, financial issues, language use, security, education, volunteerism, and construction work. The chapters then go on to explore the many stakeholders, institutions, citizens, interest groups, and protest groups involved, and feature the struggle over Tokyo’s extreme summer heat, food standards, the implementation of diversity around disabilities, sexual minorities, and technological innovations. Giving short glimpses into the new Olympic sports, this book also analyses the role of these sports in Japanese society.

Japan Through the Lens of the Tokyo Olympics will be of huge interest to anyone attending the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. It will also be useful to students and scholars of the Olympics and the sociology of sport, as well as Japanese culture and society.

chapter 2|4 pages

Olympics and the media

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chapter 3|1 pages


“F*** the Olympics”
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chapter 4|5 pages

Political Games

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chapter 5|7 pages

Number Games

The economic impact of Tokyo 2020
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chapter 6|1 pages


New sport on the block
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chapter 7|6 pages

Advertising the Games

Sponsoring a new era
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chapter 8|1 pages


Bowing to the Olympics in style
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chapter 9|6 pages

Herculean efforts

What the construction of the Olympic Stadium reveals about working conditions in Japan 1
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chapter 10|7 pages

Tokyo 2020 and neighborhood transformation

Reworking the entrepreneurial city
Size: 1.40 MB

chapter 11|1 pages

Ho(s)t city

Tokyo’s fight against the summer heat
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chapter 12|5 pages

Tokyo’s architecture and urban structure

Change in an ever-changing city
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chapter 13|2 pages

Success story

The 1964 Tokyo Olympics
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chapter 14|5 pages

San’ya 2020

From building to hosting the Tokyo Olympics
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chapter 15|1 pages


One more homer for Japan
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chapter 16|5 pages

Outdoor sports in the periphery

Far from the compact games
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chapter 17|1 pages


Taken with a grain of salt
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chapter 18|7 pages

Tokyo’s 1940 “Phantom Olympics” in public memory

When Japan chose war over the Olympics
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chapter 20|1 pages

Sexual minorities and the Olympics

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chapter 21|7 pages

The Paralympic Games

Enabling sports and empowering disability
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chapter 22|1 pages

Sex in the city

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chapter 23|6 pages

Games of romance?

Tokyo in search of love and Unity in Diversity
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chapter 24|2 pages

The 2020 Olympic mascot characters

Japan wants to make a difference
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chapter 25|6 pages

Olympic education

How Tokyo 2020 shapes body and mind in Japan
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chapter 26|1 pages

Sex in the Village

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chapter 27|6 pages

Volunteering Japan-style

“Field cast” for the Tokyo Olympics
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chapter 28|6 pages

The difference between zero and one

Voices from the Tokyo anti-Olympic movements
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chapter 29|2 pages

Beyond 2020

Post-Olympic pessimism in Japanese cinema
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chapter 31|6 pages

Olympic leverages

The struggle for sustainable food standards
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chapter 34|4 pages

Tokyo 2020

Connecting the past with the future
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