This book provides a significant contribution to the increasing conversation concerning the place of big data in education. Offering a multidisciplinary approach with a diversity of perspectives from international scholars and industry experts, chapter authors engage in both research- and industry-informed discussions and analyses on the place of big data in education, particularly as it pertains to large-scale and ongoing assessment practices moving into the digital space. This volume offers an innovative, practical, and international view of the future of current opportunities and challenges in education and the place of assessment in this context.

chapter 1|44 pages

Transforming Schooling through Digital Disruption

Big Data, Policy, Teaching, and Assessment 1
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chapter 2|15 pages

Automated Knowledge Discovery

Tracing the Frontiers, Infrastructures, and Practices of Education and Data Science
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chapter 3|15 pages

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

A Practical and Ethical Guide for Teachers
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chapter 5|17 pages

Amazon Go for Education?

Artificial Intelligence, Disruption, and Intensification
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chapter 7|12 pages

Costs of Big Data

Challenges and Possibilities of Cost-benefit Analysis of ILSAs
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chapter 9|14 pages

Datafication and Surveillance Capitalism

The Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS)
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chapter 10|16 pages

Governing by Dashboard

Reconfiguring Education Governance in the Global South
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chapter 12|20 pages

“Lenses on COVID-19”

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chapter |5 pages


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