Disputed Archival Heritage brings important new perspectives into the discourse on displaced archives. In contrast to shared or joint heritage framings, the book considers the implications of force, violence and loss in the displacement of archival heritage.

With chapters from established and emerging scholars in archival studies, Disputed Archival Heritage extends and enriches the conversation that started with the earlier volume, Displaced Archives. Advancing novel theories and methods for understanding disputes and claims over archives, the volume includes chapters that focus on Indigenous records in settler colonial states; literary and community archives; sub-national and private sector displacements; successes in repatriating formerly displaced archives; comparisons with cultural objects seized by colonial powers and the relationship between repatriation and reparations. Analysing key concepts such as joint heritage and provenance, the contributors unsettle Western understandings of records, place and ownership.

Disputed Archival Heritage speaks to the growing interest in shared archival heritage, repatriation of cultural artefacts and cultural diasporas. As such, it will be a useful resource for academics, students and practitioners working in the field of archives, records and information management, as well as cultural property and heritage management, peace and conflict studies and international law.

chapter |2 pages


ByKayo Chingonyi
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chapter |14 pages


Disputed Archival Heritage
ByJames Lowry
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part I|118 pages

Places and Sovereignties

chapter 18Chapter 1|30 pages

‘Joint Heritage’

Provincializing an Archival Ideal
ByRiley Linebaugh
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chapter Chapter 2|38 pages

Provenance in Place

Crafting the Vienna Convention for Global Decolonization and Archival Repatriation
ByJ.J. Ghaddar
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chapter Chapter 3|33 pages

Re-placing Evidence

Locating Archival Displacements in the US Federal Acknowledgment Process
ByMaria Montenegro
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chapter Chapter 4|15 pages

Ngaadzoke Please

A Dare/Inkundla for the Rhodesian Army Records
ByForget Chaterera-Zambuko
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part II|96 pages

Borders and Diasporas

chapter 136Chapter 5|34 pages

Below the Nation State

Power Asymmetry and Jurisdictional Boundaries around the Archives of Madeira Archipelago
ByL S Ascensão de Macedo, Carlos Guardado da Silva, Maria Cristina Vieira de Freitas
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chapter Chapter 6|21 pages

Records in Motion

The New York Times and the ‘ISIS Files’
ByRebecca Abby Whiting
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chapter Chapter 7|19 pages

Archival Entanglements

Colonial Rule and Records in Namibia
ByEllen Ndeshi Namhila, Werner Hillebrecht
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chapter Chapter 8|20 pages

Diasporic, Displaced, Alienated or Shared

Caribbean Literary Archives
ByJohn A. Aarons, Helena Leonce
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part III|101 pages

Towards Home

chapter 232Chapter 9|29 pages

Displaced, Un-placed, Re-placed

Armenian Archives and Archival Imaginaries in the US
ByAnne J. Gilliland, Marianna Hovhannisyan
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chapter Chapter 10|20 pages

Claims for Colonial Objects and for Colonial Archives

Can the Two Meet?
ByJos van Beurden
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chapter Chapter 11|22 pages

The Repatriation of Surinamese Archives from the Netherlands

ByFrans van Dijk, Rita Tjien Fooh
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chapter Chapter 12|28 pages

Value Displaced, Value Re/Claimed

Reparations, Shared Heritage and Caribbean Archival Records
ByStanley H. Griffin
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