This collection of essays explores cultural narratives of care in the contexts of ageing and illness. It includes both text-based and practice-based contributions by leading and emerging scholars in humanistic studies of ageing. The authors consider care not only in film (feature and documentary) and literature (novel, short story, children’s picturebook) but also in the fields of theatre performance, photography and music.

The collection has a broad geographical scope, with case studies and primary texts from Europe and North America but also from Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Argentina and Mexico. The volume asks what care, autonomy and dependence may mean and how these may be inflected by social and cultural specificities. Ultimately, it invites us to reflect on our relations to others as we face the global and local challenges of care in ageing societies.

chapter |9 pages


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chapter 1|21 pages

Ageing and Care in the Visual Field

The Photography of Martine Franck
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chapter 2|16 pages

Improvisation and Vulnerability

Circuits of Care in Performances of Age and Ageing
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chapter 3|22 pages

The Bucket List and More

Exploring Care Practices in an Australian Residential Aged Care Home Through a “Narra-theatrical” Lens
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chapter 4|15 pages

“Come Healing of the Spirit, Come Healing of the Mind”

The Evolution of Care in Sylvain Biegeleisen's The Last Postcard and Twilight of a Life 1
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chapter 5|20 pages

Dementia in Familial Documentary Film

The Ethics of Representation and the Ethics of Care 1
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chapter 6|20 pages

Re-orientating Hesitantly

Approaching the Entangled Temporalities of Cinema, Dementia, and Hong Kong From a Decolonial Viewpoint
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chapter 7|20 pages

Ghost on the Canvas

Glen Campbell's Musical Narratives of Ageing, Alzheimer's Disease, and Care
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chapter 8|19 pages

A Glut of Slippers

The Chronotope of Older Age in the Contemporary North American Short Story
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chapter 9|14 pages

Old Friends

Reimagining Care Relations Through Helen Garner's The Spare Room
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