This book explores the role of Catholic peacebuilding in addressing the global mining industry. Mining is intimately linked to issues of conflict, human rights, sustainable development, governance, and environmental justice. As an institution of significant scope and scale with a large network of actors at all levels and substantial theoretical and ethical resources, the Catholic Church is well positioned to acknowledge the essential role of mining, while challenging unethical and harmful practices, and promoting integral peace, development, and ecology. Drawing together theology, ethics, and praxis, the volume reflects the diversity of Catholic action on mining and the importance of an integrated approach. It includes contributions by an international and interdisciplinary range of scholars and practitioners. They examine Catholic action on mining in El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Philippines. They also address general issues of corporate social responsibility, human rights, development, ecology, and peacebuilding. The book will be of interest to scholars of theology, social ethics, and Catholic studies as well as those specializing in development, ecology, human rights, and peace studies.

chapter |9 pages


ByCaesar A. Montevecchio, Gerard F. Powers
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chapter 1|7 pages

Mining and peace: a scriptural reflection

ByCardinal Peter K. A. Turkson
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part Section I|75 pages

Catholic engagement on mining in conflict zones

chapter 2|14 pages

Religion and extractive industries: ethics, practice, and engagement

ByKatherine Marshall
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chapter 3|12 pages

The Church in Colombia and extractives: pastoral accompaniment using an eco-theology of peace 1

BySandra Polanía-Reyes, Héctor Fabio Henao
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chapter 5|13 pages

Mining in the Philippines: a Catholic peacebuilding approach

ByM. Gaspar Karl
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chapter 6|13 pages

Dynamics between the state, mining companies, and indigenous peoples in Peru

ByJosé Bayardo Chata Pacoricona
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chapter 7|12 pages

The mining struggle in El Salvador and the role of the Catholic Church

ByAndrés McKinley
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part Section II|176 pages

Mining and peace in Catholic theology and ethics

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chapter 9|16 pages

Integral ecology, just peace, and mining

ByAnna Floerke Scheid, Daniel P. Scheid
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chapter 10|22 pages

Mining, Catholic social teaching, and international human rights

ByDouglass Cassel
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chapter 13|12 pages

Good governance for mining and the promotion of peace in Africa

ByElias O. Opongo
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chapter 15|19 pages

The mining industry: the journey from impunity to consent

ByRaymond Offenheiser
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chapter 16|17 pages

Hardrock mining, climate change, and conflict: reflections through the lens of Catholic social thought

ByWilliam N. Holden, Caesar A. Montevecchio
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chapter |12 pages

Concluding reflections

ByLaurie Johnston
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