This book addresses the need to rethink the concept and enactment of professionalism in music, and how such concepts underpin professional higher music education. There is an urgent imperative to enable the potential of professional musicians in our contemporary societies to be more fully realised, recognising both intense challenges that are currently threatening some traditional music practices, and significant scope for new practices to be imagined in response to deep veins of societal need. Professionalism encompasses the conduct, aims, values, responsibilities and ongoing development of a practising professional in the field. Professional higher music education engages both with providing future professionals with relevant education in particular craft skills, and with nurturing their visions for their work as artists in future societies. The major focus of the book is on performance traditions that have dominated professional higher education, notably western classical music.



ByHelena Gaunt, Heidi Westerlund
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chapter 1|15 pages

Expanding professionalism in and through Finnish local opera

ByLiisamaija Hautsalo
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chapter 2|14 pages

Practising civic professionalism through inter-professional collaboration

Reconnecting quality with equality in the Nordic music school system
ByTuulikki Laes, Heidi Westerlund, Eva Sæther, Hanna Kamensky
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chapter 3|12 pages

Making space

Expanding professionalism through relational university–community partnerships
ByAilbhe Kenny
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chapter 5|15 pages

Rewriting the score

How pre-professional work and employability development can improve student thinking
ByJennifer Rowley, Dawn Bennett, Anna Reid
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chapter 6|15 pages

Conflicting professional identities for artists in transprofessional contexts

Insights from a pilot programme initiating artistic interventions in organisations
ByKai Lehikoinen, Anne Pässilä, Allan Owens
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chapter 7|13 pages

Moving encounters

Embodied pedagogical interaction in music and dance educators' expanding professionalism
ByKatja Sutela, Sanna Kivijärvi, Eeva Anttila
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chapter 8|13 pages

Navigating power relations in a participatory music practice in a hospital

ByKarolien Dons, Helena Gaunt
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chapter 9|14 pages

Making our way through the deep waters of life

Music practitioners' professional work in neonatal intensive care units
ByTaru-Anneli Koivisto
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chapter 10|14 pages

World In Motion ensemble

My professional journey with refugee musicians and music university students
ByKatja Thomson
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