This timely volume offers a comprehensive and rigorous overview of the role of communication in the construction of hate speech and polarization in the online and offline arena.

Delving into the meanings, implications, contexts and effects of extreme speech and gated communities in the media landscape, the chapters analyse misleading metaphors and rhetoric via focused case studies to understand how we can overcome the risks and threats stemming from the past decade’s defining communicative phenomena. The book brings together an international team of experts, enabling a broad, multidisciplinary approach that examines hate speech, dislike, polarization and enclave deliberation as cross axes that influence offline and digital conversations. The diverse case studies herein offer insights into international news media, television drama and social media in a range of contexts, suggesting an academic frame of reference for examining this emerging phenomenon within the field of communication studies.

Offering thoughtful and much-needed analysis, this collection will be of great interest to scholars and students working in communication studies, media studies, journalism, sociology, political science, political communication and cultural industries.

part I|52 pages

Contextualizing the participatory society

chapter 4|16 pages

Hate speech and deliberation

Overcoming the “words-that-wound” trap
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part II|112 pages

Political and ideological polarisation

chapter 5|16 pages

There ain't no rainbow in the ‘rainbow nation’

A discourse analysis of racial conflicts on twitter hashtags in post-apartheid South Africa
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chapter 6|15 pages

Blessed be the fight

Misogyny and anti-feminism in The Handmaid's Tale
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chapter 7|15 pages

Discursive construction of affective polarization in Brexit Britain

Opinion-based identities and out-group differentiation
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chapter 8|17 pages

The public debate on Twitter in the Iberian sphere

Comparative analysis of the characteristics in Portugal and Spain
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chapter 9|15 pages

Towards a new left-populist rhetoric in Turkey

Discourse analysis of İmamoğlu's campaign
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chapter 10|18 pages

Anti-immigrant hate speech as propaganda

A comparison between Donald Trump and Santiago Abascal on Twitter
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chapter 11|14 pages

Hate speech and social polarization in Brazil

From impeachment to Bolsonaro
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part III|74 pages

Hate speech in the social, traditional and community media

chapter 12|14 pages

Countering the stigma of homeless people

The Swedish street paper Situation Sthlm as a counter-hegemonic voice for the rehumanisation of homeless people
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chapter 13|12 pages

Hate speech as a media practice

The portray of haters and polarization in The Internet Warriors
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chapter 16|14 pages

Sports and hate speech messages on Instagram

The case of Seville FC in the Spanish league
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