Guided by the multifaceted relations between city and text, Charting Literary Urban Studies: Texts as Models of and for the City attempts to chart the burgeoning field of literary urban studies by outlining how texts in varying degrees function as both representations of the city and as blueprints for its future development. The study addresses questions such as these: How do literary texts represent urban complexities – and how can they capture the uniqueness of a given city? How do literary texts simulate layers of urban memory – and how can they reinforce or help dissolve path dependencies in urban development? What role can literary studies play in interdisciplinary urban research? Are the blueprints or 'recipes' for urban development that most quickly travel around the globe – such as the 'creative city', the 'green city' or the 'smart city' – really always the ones that best solve a given problem? Or is the global spread of such travelling urban models not least a matter of their narrative packaging? In answering these key questions, this book also advances a literary studies contribution to the general theory of models, tracing a heuristic trajectory from the analysis of literary texts as representations of urban developments to an analysis of literary strategies in planning documents and other pragmatic, non-literary texts.

chapter |11 pages


ByJens Martin Gurr
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chapter 2|23 pages

Literary Models of Urban Complexity and the Problem of Simultaneity

A Sketchy Inventory of Strategies
ByJens Martin Gurr
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chapter 3|32 pages

Palimpsests, Rhizomes, Nodes

Texts as Structural and Functional Urban Models
ByJens Martin Gurr
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chapter 4|26 pages

Reversing Perspectives

Urban Memory in Built and Literary Post-Industrial Cities *
ByJens Martin Gurr
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chapter 6|16 pages

Narrative Path Dependencies

From Scenario Building in Literary Texts to the Narratology and Rhetoric of Pragmatic Texts
ByJens Martin Gurr
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chapter 7|23 pages

‘Scripts’ in Urban Development

Procedural Knowledge, Self-Description and Persuasive Blueprint for the Future
ByBarbara Buchenau, Jens Martin Gurr
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chapter 8|31 pages

From the ‘Garden City’ to the ‘Smart City’

Literary Urban Studies, Policy Mobility Research and Travelling Urban Models
ByJens Martin Gurr
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chapter |5 pages


ByJens Martin Gurr
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