Urban Modernity in the Contemporary Gulf offers a timely and engaging discussion on architectural production in the modernization era in the Arabian Peninsula. Focusing on the 20th century as a starting point, the book explores the display of transnational architectural practices resulting in different notions of locality, cosmopolitanism, and modernity. Contextually, with an eye on the present, the book reflects on the initiatives that recently re-engaged with the once ville moderne which, meanwhile, lost its pivotal function and meaning.

A city within a bigger city, the urban fabric produced during the modernization era has the potential to narrate the social growth, East–West dynamics, and citizens’ memories of the recent past. Reading obsolescence as an opportunity, the book looks into this topic from a cross-country perspective. It maps, reads and analyses the notion of modern heritage in relation to the contemporary city and looks beyond physical transformations to embrace cultural practices and strategies of urban re-appropriation. It interrogates the value of modern architecture in the non-West, examining how academic research is expanding the debate on Gulf urbanism, and describes how practices of reuse could foster rethinking neglected areas, also addressing land consumption in the GCC.

Presenting a diverse and geographically inclusive authorship, which combines established and up-and-coming researchers in the field, this is an important reference for academics and upper-level students interested in heritage studies, post-colonial urbanism, and architecture in the non-West.

The Open Access version of this book, available at www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.

chapter |10 pages


Re-Engaging the modern
Size: 0.67 MB

part I|81 pages

Retracing Modernities

Size: 1.87 MB

chapter |16 pages

Gardens and Generators

Demarcating Dubai's modernization
Size: 1.43 MB

chapter |22 pages


Episodes of modernity in contemporary Kuwait City
Size: 2.06 MB

chapter |20 pages

Industrial Promises

Speculative thinking for Sharjah's industrial districts
Size: 1.76 MB

part II|91 pages

Trajectories of Global Practices

chapter |20 pages

Building Identities

Transnational exchange and the authorship of modern Gulf heritage
Size: 2.04 MB

chapter |18 pages

Changing Façades in Gulf Cities

Identity, icons, and lamentations of loss
Size: 1.45 MB

chapter |18 pages

The Corniche

The representation of Doha's waterfront and its institutional buildings
Size: 1.69 MB

chapter |16 pages

Operational Planning

An alternative view of Doxiadis' project in Riyadh
Size: 2.35 MB

chapter |18 pages

History, Memory, and Narratives of the Past and Future

The new souks in Kuwait
Size: 2.30 MB

part III|81 pages

Heritage and the Modern

chapter |13 pages

Intersections between the Public and Private Spheres of Culture

Modern heritage practices in Kuwait
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chapter |19 pages

A[n] Absent Space: 1355

Size: 2.05 MB

chapter |20 pages

Modernism in Qatar

Survival through reuse
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chapter |18 pages

Urban Portraits

Preserving the memory of modern architectural heritage in the United Arab Emirates
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chapter |8 pages


Modernism's back and forth
Size: 0.66 MB