This volume presents an interdisciplinary analysis of the practice of disappearances in Mexico, from the period of the so-called ‘dirty war’ to the current crisis of disappearances associated with the country’s ‘war on drugs’, during which more than 80,000 people have disappeared. The volume brings together contributions by distinguished scholars from Mexico, Argentina and Europe, who focus their chapters on four broad axes of enquiry. In Part I, chapters examine the phenomenon of disappearances in its historical and present-day forms, and the struggles for memory around the disappeared in Mexico with reference to Argentina. Part II addresses the political dimensions of disappearances, focusing on the specificities that this practice acquires in the context of the counterinsurgency struggle of the 1970s and the so-called ‘war on drugs’. The third section situates the issue within the framework of human rights law by examining the conceptual and legal aspects of disappearances. The final chapters explore the social movement of the relatives of the disappeared, showing how their search for disappeared loved ones involves bodily and affective experiences as well as knowledge production. The volume thus aims to further our understanding of the crisis of disappearances in Mexico without, however, losing sight of the historic origins of the phenomenon.

chapter |27 pages

Introduction—Disappearances in Mexico

From the ‘dirty war’ to the ‘war on drugs’
BySilvana Mandolessi
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part I|44 pages

Historical dimensions of disappearances

chapter 1|19 pages

Responsibilities in the system of enforced disappearance of people in Argentina

A historical perspective
ByEmilio Crenzel
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chapter 2|23 pages

Recasting history to cast off shadows

State violence in Mexico, 1958–2018
ByEugenia Allier Montaño, Camilo Vicente Ovalle, Juan Sebastián Granada-Cardona
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part II|51 pages

Political dimensions of disappearances

chapter 3|22 pages

Disappearance and governmentality in Mexico

ByPilar Calveiro
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chapter 4|27 pages

Violence regimes and disappearances

Some reflections from the north-east region of Mexico
ByKarina Ansolabehere, Alvaro Martos
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part III|41 pages

Legal dimensions of disappearances

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chapter 6|16 pages

Fate and whereabouts

The two elements that make up the right to know about the victims of forced disappearance
ByRainer Huhle
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part IV|63 pages

Affective and experienced dimensions of the search and the social mobilisation for the disappeared

chapter 7|18 pages

Pedagogies of searching in contexts of dispossession

ByCarolina Robledo Silvestre
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chapter 8|23 pages

The right to search in the case of disappeared persons

A right constructed from below
ByJorge Verástegui González
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chapter 9|20 pages

Memorialising absence

Memorials to the disappeared in Mexico
ByMaría De Vecchi Gerli
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