The Routledge Handbook of Ecomedia Studies gathers leading work by critical scholars in this burgeoning field. Redressing the lack of environmental perspectives in the study of media, ecomedia studies asserts that media are in and about the environment, and environments are socially and materially mediated.

The book gives form to this new area of study and brings together diverse scholarly contributions to explore and give definition to the field. The Handbook highlights five critical areas of ecomedia scholarship: ecomedia theory, ecomateriality, political ecology, ecocultures, and eco-affects. Within these areas, authors navigate a range of different topics including infrastructures, supply and manufacturing chains, energy, e-waste, labor, ecofeminism, African and Indigenous ecomedia, environmental justice, environmental media governance, ecopolitical satire, and digital ecologies. The result is a holistic volume that provides an in-depth and comprehensive overview of the current state of the field, as well as future developments.

This volume will be an essential resource for students, educators, and scholars of media studies, cultural studies, film, environmental communication, political ecology, science and technology studies, and the environmental humanities.

The Open Access version of this book, available at www.taylorfrancis. com, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND) 4.0 license. Deep gratitude for the generous support of those institutions that provided funding to enable this volume to be available simultaneously in print and open access: University of Oregon Libraries Open Access Publishing Award, Frank J. Guarini School of Busi-ness at John Cabot University, University of Vermont Humanities Center, University of California Santa Barbara, University of Lausanne, and School of Humanities at Nanyang Technological University.

chapter |16 pages


ByAntonio López, Adrian Ivakhiv, Stephen Rust, Miriam Tola, Alenda Y. Chang, Kiu-wai Chu
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part I|91 pages

Ecomedia Theory

chapter 1|16 pages

When Do Media Become Ecomedia?

ByAdrian Ivakhiv, Antonio López
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chapter 2|8 pages

Three Ecologies

Ecomediality as Ontology
ByAdrian Ivakhiv
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chapter 3|8 pages

Meaning, Matter, Ecomedia

ByChristy Tidwell
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chapter 4|8 pages

Blue Media Ecologies

Swimming through the Mediascape with Sir David Attenborough
ByStephen Rust, Verena Wurth
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chapter 5|8 pages

Political and Apolitical Ecologies of Digital Media

BySy Taffel
Size: 0.26 MB

chapter 6|6 pages

Centering Africa in Ecomedia Studies

Interview with Cajetan Iheka
ByMiriam Tola, Kiu-wai Chu, Stephen Rust
Size: 0.26 MB

chapter 7|11 pages

Ecomedia and Empire in the US–Mexico Borderlands, 1880–1912

ByCarlos Alonso Nugent
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Size: 1.28 MB

chapter 9|9 pages

Ecomedia Literacy

Bringing Ecomedia Studies into the Classroom
ByAntonio López
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part II|59 pages


chapter 10|8 pages

Disaggregated Footprints

An Infrastructural Literacy Approach to the Sustainable Internet
ByNicole Starosielski, Hunter Vaughan, Anne Pasek, Nicholas R. Silcox
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chapter 12|8 pages

Electronic Environmentalism

Monitoring and Making Ecological Crises
ByJennifer Gabrys
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chapter 13|8 pages

Radiant Energy and Media Infrastructures of the South

ByRahul Mukherjee
Size: 0.26 MB

chapter 14|8 pages

Micro/Climates of Play

On the Thermal Contexts of Games
ByAlenda Y. Chang
Size: 0.27 MB

chapter 15|7 pages

Relational Ecologies of the Gramophone Disc

ByElodie A. Roy
Size: 0.27 MB

chapter 16|8 pages

Core Dump

The Global Aesthetics and Politics of E-Waste
ByMehita Iqani
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part III|60 pages

Political Ecology

chapter 17|8 pages

Carbon Capitalism, Communication, and Artificial Intelligence

Placing the Climate Emergency Center Stage
ByBenedetta Brevini, Daisy Doctor
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chapter 18|8 pages

Environmental Media Management

Overcoming the Responsibility Deficit
ByPietari Kääpä, Hunter Vaughan
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chapter 19|7 pages

Property Rights Control in the Data-Driven Economy

The Media Ecology of Blockchain Registries
ByJannice Käll
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chapter 20|9 pages

Common Pool Resources, Communication, and the Global Media Commons

ByPatrick D. Murphy, E. Septime Sessou
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chapter 21|9 pages

#NOLNG253! Media Use in Modern Environmental Justice Movements

ByEllen E. Moore, Anna Bean
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chapter 22|8 pages

Contesting Digital Colonial Power

Indigenous Australian Sovereignty and Self-Determination in Digital Worlds
ByCorrinne Sullivan, Jessica McLean
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chapter 23|9 pages

Who Makes Our Smartphones? Four Moments in Their Lifecycle

ByRichard Maxwell, Toby Miller
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part IV|66 pages


chapter 24|13 pages

Media and Ecocultural Identity

ByTema Milstein, Gabi Mocatta, José Castro-Sotomayor
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chapter 25|8 pages

Eco-Territorial Media Practices

Defending Bodies, Territories, and Life Itself in Latin America
ByDiana Coryat
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chapter 26|9 pages

Mapping for Accountability

Decolonizing Land Acknowledgment Initiatives
BySalma Monani, Sarah Gilsoul
Size: 0.37 MB

chapter 27|10 pages

Black Media Philosophy and Visual Ecologies

A Conversation between Armond Towns and Jeremy Kamal
ByArmond Towns, Jeremy Kamal
Size: 0.48 MB

chapter 28|7 pages

On the Ecological Futurabilities of Experimental Film Labs

ByNoélie Martin, Jacopo Rasmi
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chapter 29|8 pages

Popular Music

Folk and Folk Rock as Green Cultural Production
ByJohn Parham
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chapter 30|9 pages

Women in the Global Pandemic Media Imagination

Mimetic Desire, Scapegoating, Buddhist Hermeneutic, and Beyond
ByChia-ju Chang
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part V|50 pages


chapter 31|8 pages

Ecomentia, from Televised Catastrophe to Performative Assembly

Collapsonaut Attention in a House on Fire
ByYves Citton
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chapter 32|7 pages

Feeling Wild

The Mediation of Embodied Experience
ByAlexa Weik von Mossner
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chapter 33|7 pages

Social Realism and Environmental Crisis

Clio Barnard's Dark River
ByDavid Ingram
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chapter 34|8 pages

Ecopolitical Satire in the Global North

ByNicole Seymour, Anthony Lioi
Size: 0.30 MB

chapter 35|10 pages

Fear and Loathing in Ecomedia

Channeling Fear through Horror Tropes in Invasive Species Outreach
ByKatrina Maggiulli
Size: 0.89 MB

chapter 36|8 pages

Slow Media, Eco-Mindfulness, and the Lifeworld

ByJennifer Rauch
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chapter |5 pages


Posthumous Ecomedia
BySeán Cubitt
Size: 0.25 MB