This book critically investigates Nordic criminal justice as a global role model.

Not taking this role for granted, the chapters of the book analyze how Nordic approaches to criminal justice were folded into global contexts, and how patterns of promotion were built around perceptions that these approaches also had a particular value for other criminal justice systems. Specific actors, both internal and external to the region itself, have branded Nordic criminal justice as a form of ‘penal exceptionalism’ associated with human rights, universalistic welfare, and social cohesion. The book shows how building and using the brand of Nordic criminal justice allowed stakeholders to champion specific forms of crime control across a variety of criminal justice areas in both domestic and international settings.

The book will be of interest to scholars and students of criminal justice, international law and justice, Nordic and Scandinavian studies, and more widely to the social sciences and humanities.

chapter |20 pages


Nordic criminal justice in a global context
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part 1|56 pages

Practices of Nordic criminal justice

chapter 1|16 pages

Defending the North and exporting its criminal justice

The reproduction of Nordic criminal justice cohesion in a global world
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chapter 2|20 pages

Shaping Nordic punishment

Penal exceptionalism and the correctional revolution at Ringe Prison in the 1970s
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part 2|106 pages

Promoting Nordic criminal justice

chapter 4|16 pages

To be both in the world and yet not of it

Swedish drug policy and the international context
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chapter 5|16 pages

Swedish, Nordic, European

The journey of a ‘model' to abolish prostitution
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chapter 6|17 pages

A cult(ure) of intelligence-led policing

On the international campaigning and convictions of Danish policing
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chapter 7|18 pages

Nordic penal humanitarianism

Status-building, brand alignment, and penal power
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chapter 8|19 pages

From model to problem

The demise of Sweden's anti-torture brand
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chapter 9|18 pages

Through Scandinavia, darkly

A criminological critique of Nordic noir 1
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