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Being a good board member is not about knowing everything; it is about asking the right questions and challenging appropriately. Effective Directors: The Right Questions To Ask (QTA) is a reference book for board members and executives globally to support them in their work.

With chapters written by senior company board members and respected figures in corporate governance, the questions have been drawn together to offer food for thought and useful prompts that take boards beyond operational discussions. The book clearly presents key areas to be considered by the board (there are over 50 in total) and range from board composition, to data security, diversity and inclusion, and succession planning. The questions are ones that boards, in any organisation, should be asking themselves, their fellow board members, service providers, executives, and other stakeholders to ensure that the right issues are raised, transparency and effective oversight are achieved, and the board is fulfilling its role in governing the organisation.

In addition to being invaluable for board members, the book is also a very useful tool for executives in understanding the kind of questions their board members are likely to ask, and the kind of questions that should be asked and discussed in the boardroom.

part Part I|42 pages

The board

chapter 1|6 pages

Board composition

ByChris Hodge
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chapter 2|6 pages

Board appointment

ByCarol Rosati
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chapter 3|7 pages

Director self-assessment

ByAlison Gill
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chapter 4|3 pages

Assessing the chair's performance

ByCharlotte Valeur
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chapter 5|6 pages

Due diligence for new appointments and new directors

ByCharlotte Valeur
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chapter 6|5 pages

Succession planning for the board

ByRay Crofts
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chapter 7|7 pages

Board evaluation

ByTracy Long
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part Part II|41 pages

Officers of the company

chapter 8|6 pages

Chief executive succession planning

ByKit Bingham
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chapter 9|6 pages

Chief executive review

ByCharlotte Valeur
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chapter 10|6 pages

Equality, diversity, and inclusion

ByMarianne Egelund Siig
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chapter 11|5 pages

Health and well-being

ByAlison Charles
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chapter 12|6 pages

Human resources

ByReena Dayal
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chapter 13|5 pages

Remuneration for executives and management

ByBrian Kearney
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chapter 14|5 pages

Succession planning for executives

ByTim Drake
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part Part III|21 pages


chapter 15|5 pages

Leadership in the boardroom

ByRandall S. Peterson
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chapter 16|5 pages

Tone from the top

ByJohn Parker
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chapter 17|4 pages


ByCharlotte Valeur
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chapter 18|5 pages

Ethics and why they matter

ByKnut N. Kjaer
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part Part IV|31 pages


chapter 19|6 pages


ByR. “Bob” Garratt
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chapter 20|5 pages


ByJean Pousson
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chapter 21|6 pages


ByPaul Barnett
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chapter 22|5 pages

Intellectual property

ByJanice Denoncourt
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chapter 23|7 pages

Data ethics

ByTony Fish
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part Part V|25 pages


chapter 24|4 pages

Environmental, social, and governance

ByMark Moody-Stuart
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chapter 25|7 pages

Climate change

ByGeoff Kendall, Martin Rich
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chapter 26|4 pages


BySara Lovisolo
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chapter 27|8 pages

Social impact

ByOonagh Harpur
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part Part VI|44 pages

Board meetings

chapter 28|5 pages

Role and responsibilities of the board

ByNatalie Sykes
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chapter 29|6 pages

Board meetings and the agenda

ByDineshi Ramesh
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chapter 30|5 pages

Board support

BySiobhan Lavery
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chapter 31|5 pages

Third-party providers

ByCharlotte Valeur
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chapter 32|8 pages

Board committees

Purpose, tasks, and value
ByJenny Simnett, Filipe Morais, Andrew Kakabadse
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chapter 33|5 pages

Matters reserved for the board

ByDavid Doughty
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chapter 34|8 pages

Soft governance

ByMeena Thuraisingham
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part Part VII|41 pages


chapter 35|7 pages


ByIan Wright
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chapter 36|5 pages

External auditors

ByHelen Gale
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chapter 37|7 pages

Solvency and going concern

ByHeather MacCallum
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chapter 38|6 pages


ByAmaechi Nsofor
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chapter 39|7 pages


BySteve Maslin
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chapter 40|7 pages


ByJean Pousson
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part Part VIII|19 pages

Compliance and risk management

chapter 41|4 pages


ByCharlotte Valeur
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chapter 42|8 pages


ByAnjola Adeniyi
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chapter 43|5 pages

IT governance

ByTony Fish
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chapter 44|8 pages

Financial performance management

ByVirginia Bombín Moreno
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chapter 45|6 pages

Risk oversight, management, and controls

ByRajiv Jaitly
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part Part IX|27 pages


chapter 46|5 pages


ByAlice Hunt
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chapter 47|5 pages

Corporate brand

ByElliot S. Schreiber
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chapter 48|6 pages

Social media

ByMarshall Manson, Craig Mullaney
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chapter 49|5 pages

Shareholder relations and communication

ByClaire Fargeot
Size: 0.54 MB

chapter 50|4 pages

Stakeholder engagement and management

ByAlice Hunt
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part Part X|30 pages

External pressure and disruption

chapter 51|6 pages

Crisis management

ByCharlotte Valeur
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chapter 52|7 pages


ByClaudia Heimer
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chapter 53|8 pages


BySimon Devonshire
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chapter 54|7 pages

Artificial intelligence

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