This book explores the challenges of informed consent in medical intervention and research ethics, considering the global reality of multiculturalism and religious diversity. Even though informed consent is a gold standard in research ethics, its theoretical foundation is based on the conception of individual subjects making autonomous decisions. There is a need to reconsider autonomy as relational—where family members, community and religious leaders can play an important part in the consent process. The volume re-evaluates informed consent in multicultural contexts and features perspectives from Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It is valuable reading for scholars interested in bioethics, healthcare ethics, research ethics, comparative religions, theology, human rights, law and sociology.

chapter |8 pages


ByJoseph Tham
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part Part I|48 pages

Multiculturalism and relational autonomy

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chapter 2|13 pages

Informed consent and minors in a multicultural society

ByMirko Daniel Garasic, Fabio Macioce
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chapter 3|13 pages

Community engagement in the informed consent process in global clinical research

International recommendations and guidelines
ByMargherita Daverio
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chapter 4|13 pages

Healthcare decision-making

Cross-cultural analysis of the shift from the autonomous to the relational self
ByJoseph Tham, Marie Catherine Letendre
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part Part II|71 pages

Religious perspectives on informed consent

chapter 5|12 pages

Informed consent

A critical response from a Buddhist perspective
ByEllen Y. Zhang
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chapter 6|8 pages

A Confucian view of informed consent in biomedical practice

ByRuiping Fan
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chapter 7|18 pages

Hindu norms on human experimentation

Parsing classical texts
ByJohn Lunstroth
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chapter 8|8 pages

Informed consent and clinical trials

A Jewish perspective
ByDavid Heyd
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chapter 9|11 pages

Christian perspectives on informed consent

ByLaura Palazzani
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