Mothering Performance is a combination of scholarly essays and creative responses which focus on maternal performance and its applications from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives.

This collection extends the concept and action of ‘performance’ and connects it to the idea of ‘mothering’ as activity. Mothering, as a form of doing, is a site of never-ending political and personal production; it is situated in a specific place, and it is undertaken by specific bodies, marked by experience and context. The authors explore the potential of a maternal sensibility to move us towards maternal action that is explicitly political, ethical, and in relation to our others. Presented in three sections, Exchange, Practice, and Solidarity, the book includes international contributions from scholars and artists covering topics including ecology, migration, race, class, history, incarceration, mental health, domestic violence, intergenerational exchange, childcare, and peacebuilding. The collection gathers diverse maternal performance practices and methodologies which address aesthetics, dramaturgy, activism, pregnancy, everyday mothering, and menopause.

The book is a great read for artists, maternal health and care professionals, and scholars. Researchers with an interest in feminist performance and motherhood, within the disciplines of performance studies, maternal studies, and women’s studies, and all those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of maternal experience, will find much of interest.

The Open Access version of this book, available at www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.

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chapter |12 pages


Maternal action as exchange, practice, and solidarity
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part Section I|68 pages


chapter 141|14 pages

Thinking Back through Our Mothers

The editors in conversation
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chapter 3|9 pages


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chapter 4|7 pages

Siôl Fagu

A consideration in four stories
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chapter 6|14 pages

There Are Other Worlds

Maternal knowledge beyond borders
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part Section II|68 pages


chapter 8|9 pages

Gravida, the Weight and Wait of Pregnancy to Mothering Transformation

A performance exploring traumatic memory and the energy of creation
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chapter 9|10 pages


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chapter 10|15 pages

Did I Request Thee, Maker, from My Minced Meat to Mould Me Infant?

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chapter 12|9 pages

Claiming Spaces

Aprons of Power – Places of Power Performances
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part Section III|88 pages


chapter 15013|12 pages

Who Does She Think She Is? Kate Middleton?!

Leaky Escapes in Un-classy Maternal Performance
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chapter 14|8 pages

Physical and Symbolic Loss

Composite monologues of women parenting while incarcerated
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chapter 15|14 pages

Performing and Transforming the Maternal

A reflexive inquiry using digital storytelling for mutual learning
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chapter 17|9 pages

Dispatches from the Front

Midwifery in a pandemic
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chapter |9 pages


On sustaining mothering performance
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