This book examines the phenomenon of war-related contents tourism throughout Japanese history, from conflicts described in ancient Japanese myth through to contemporary depictions of fantasy and futuristic warfare.

It tackles two crucial questions: first, how does war transition from being traumatic to entertaining in the public imagination and works of popular culture; and second, how does visitation to war-related sites transition from being an act of mourning or commemorative pilgrimage into an act of devotion or fan pilgrimage? Representing the collaboration of ten expert researchers of Japanese popular culture and travel, it develops a theoretical framework for understanding war-related contents tourism and demonstrates the framework in practice via numerous short case studies across a millennium of warfare in Japan including: the tales of heroic deities in the Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters, AD 712), the Edo poetry of Matsuo Basho, and the Pacific war through lens of popular media such as the animated film Grave of the Fireflies.

This book will be of interest to researchers and students in tourism studies and cultural studies, as well as more general issues of war and peace in Japan, East Asia and beyond.

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part I|24 pages

From myths to the middle ages

chapter 2|6 pages

The narrative worlds of ancient wars

Travelling heroes in Kojiki
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part II|28 pages

The rise and fall of the Tokugawas

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chapter 10|5 pages

Festivals of war

Travelling the Shinsengumi in 2019
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part III|22 pages

Imperial Japan

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part IV|30 pages

The Asia-Pacific War

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chapter 17|5 pages

Travelling Grave of the Fireflies

The gap between creators' intentions and audiences'/tourists' interpretations
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part V|28 pages

Postwar Japan

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chapter 22|5 pages

Shin Godzilla

Tourism consuming images of JSDF, kaiju characters, and destroyed sites
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chapter 23|5 pages

Fantasy wars and their real-life inspirations

Tourism and international conflicts caused by Attack on Titan
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chapter |6 pages


Patterns of war-related (contents) tourism
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