The COVID-19 pandemic bared the inadequacies in existing structures of public health and governance in most countries. This book provides a comparative analysis of policy approaches and planning adopted by federal governments across the globe to battle and adequately respond to the health emergency as well as the socio-economic fallouts of the pandemic.

With twenty-four case studies from across the globe, the book critically analyzes responses to the public health crisis, its fiscal impact and management, as well as decision-making and collaboration between different levels of government of countries worldwide. It explores measures taken to contain the pandemic and to responsibly regulate and manage the health, socio-economic welfare, employment, and education of its people. The authors highlight the deficiencies in planning, tensions between state and local governments, politicization of the crisis, and the challenges of generating political consensus. They also examine effective approaches used to foster greater cooperation and learning for multi-level, polycentric innovation in pandemic governance.

One of the first books on federalism and approaches to the COVID-19 pandemic, this volume is an indispensable reference for scholars and researchers of comparative federalism, comparative politics, development studies, political science, public policy and governance, health and wellbeing, and political sociology.

chapter 1|5 pages

An introduction to COVID-19 and federalism

ByRupak Chattopadhyay, Felix Knüpling, Liam Whittington
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chapter 2|11 pages

Federalism and the COVID-19 crisis in Argentina

ByMatías Bianchi
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chapter 3|13 pages

Australian federalism and the COVID-19 crisis

ByAlan Fenna
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chapter 4|9 pages

The impact of COVID-19 on the Austrian federal system

ByPeter Bußjäger, Mathias Eller
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chapter 5|10 pages

Belgium's response to COVID-19

How to manage a pandemic in a competitive federal system?
ByPeter Bursens, Patricia Popelier, Petra Meier
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chapter 7|7 pages

Brazilian federalism

Facing the COVID-19 pandemic 1
ByEduardo Henrique Corrêa da S.P. Néris, Rodrigo Ribeiro Bedritichuk
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chapter 8|10 pages

Reduced acrimony, quiet management

Intergovernmental relations during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada
ByAndré Lecours, Daniel Béland, Jennifer Wallner
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chapter 9|8 pages

Federalism and the COVID-19 crisis

The perspective from Ethiopia
ByZemelak Ayitenew Ayele
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chapter 10|11 pages

Germany's response to COVID-19

Federal coordination and executive politics
BySabine Kropp, Johanna Schnabel
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chapter 11|9 pages

Federalism and the COVID-19 crisis

Center-state apposite relations in India
ByRekha Saxena
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chapter 12|9 pages

The impact of the pandemic on the Italian regional system

Centralizing or decentralizing effects?
ByFrancesco Palermo
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chapter 13|11 pages

COVID-19 and first wave response in Kenya

ByRose B. Osoro
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chapter 14|11 pages

Federalism and the COVID-19 crisis

Trends, tensions, and testing innovations in Malaysia
ByTricia Yeoh
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chapter 15|10 pages

COVID-19 in the Mexican federation

Managing the health and economic crises
ByLaura Flamand, Monica Naime, Juan C. Olmeda
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chapter 16|14 pages


The first wave response from Nepal
ByPuspa Raj Kadel
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chapter 17|11 pages

COVID-19 and Nigerian federalism

ByJulius O. Ihonvbere
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chapter 18|13 pages


COVID-19, federalism and the first wave response
BySameen A. Mohsin Ali
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chapter 19|17 pages

Federalism and the Russian response to the first waves of COVID-19

ByNataliya Golovanova
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chapter 20|8 pages

South Africa's response to COVID-19

The multilevel government dynamic
ByNico Steytler, Jaap De Visser
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chapter 21|9 pages

COVID-19 and federalism in Spain

ByMario Kölling
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chapter 22|12 pages


Overnight centralization in one of the world's most federal countries
ByRahel Freiburghaus, Sean Mueller, Adrian Vatter
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chapter 23|10 pages

Perfect storm

The pandemic, Brexit, and devolved government in the UK
ByClive Grace
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chapter 24|11 pages

COVID-19 and American federalism

First-wave responses
ByJohn Kincaid, J. Wesley Leckrone
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chapter 25|12 pages

The common response to COVID-19

The EU on the road toward de-crisisification?
ByCristina Ares Castro-Conde
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chapter 27|31 pages

Comparative summary

ByRupak Chattopadhyay, Felix Knüpling
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