This book critically examines and analyses the active role played by youth-led social movements in pushing for change and promoting peacebuilding in Africa, and their long-term impacts on society. Africa’s history is characterised by youth movements. The continent’s youth populations played pivotal roles in the campaign against colonialism and, ever since independence, Africa’s youth have been at the center of social mobilisation. Most recently, social media has contributed significantly to a further rise in youth-led social movements. However, the impact of youth voices is often marginalised by patriarchal and gerontocratic approaches to governance, denying them the place, voice, and recognition that they deserve. Drawing on empirical evidence from across the continent, this book analyses the drivers and long-term impacts of youth-led social movements on politics in African societies, especially in the area of peacebuilding. The book draws attention to the innovative ways in which young people continue to seek to re-engineer social space and challenge contexts that deny them their voice, place, recognition and identity. This book will be of interest to researchers across the fields of social movement studies, youth studies, peace and conflict studies, history, political sciences, social justice, and African studies.

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chapter 1|17 pages


Youth and the Quest for Change in Africa
ByIbrahim Bangura
Size: 0.64 MB

chapter 2|17 pages

Youth Movements and Activism

Theoretical Approaches
ByFrank Ubachs
Size: 0.66 MB

chapter 3|17 pages

Regional and Sub-Regional Approaches to Youth and Youth-Led Movements in Africa

An Examination of the Policies of the African Union and Its Regional Economic Communities
ByMohamed Gibril Sesay
Size: 0.63 MB

chapter 4|17 pages

Going Virtual

Social Media and Youth-Led Social Movements in Africa
ByEdmore Chitukutuku
Size: 0.64 MB

chapter 5|17 pages

Digital Activism, Transnational Support, and the EndSARS Movement in Nigeria

ByFestus Kofi Aubyn, Osei Baffour Frimpong
Size: 0.68 MB

chapter 6|14 pages

Making Change Happen

Music and Youth-Led Social Movements in Senegal
ByPhilip Bob Jusu, Saatchi Sen
Size: 0.63 MB

chapter 7|14 pages

The Heroes of Burkina Faso's 2014 Revolution and the Mirage of Hope

ByAnna Naa Adochoo Mensah
Size: 0.62 MB

chapter 8|17 pages

Confronting a Brutal Present

Guinean Youth and the Struggle Against Constitutional Breach
ByIbrahim Bangura
Size: 0.66 MB

chapter 9|16 pages

Leading the Change

Women, Youth and the 2019 Revolution in Sudan
ByMohamed Gibril Sesay, Mohamed Bakhit, Justin Crowell
Size: 0.64 MB

chapter 10|15 pages

Youth Activism in Uganda

Causes and Methods
ByRita Makumbi
Size: 0.65 MB

chapter 11|19 pages

Navigating Precarious Spaces

Youth, Social Movements and Political Activism in Zimbabwe
BySimbarashe Gukurume
Size: 0.67 MB

chapter 12|19 pages

Confronting Legacies of Apartheid

The #RhodesMustFall and #FeesMustFall Movements in South Africa
BySimbarashe Gukurume, Godfrey Maringira
Size: 0.64 MB

chapter 13|16 pages

Youths and the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon

A Reflection on the Sociology of Social Movements in a Complex State
ByDelmas Tsafack
Size: 0.65 MB

chapter 14|17 pages

Embracing Change

Young People and Social Movements in Post-Arab Spring Tunisia
ByIbrahim Bangura, Saatchi Sen
Size: 0.66 MB

chapter 15|15 pages

Moving from Contentious to Collaborative Relationships

Youth-Led Social Movements, Good Governance and the Prospects for Peace in Africa
ByIbrahim Bangura
Size: 0.61 MB