Without a doubt, business schools have been a success story in higher education over the last 50 years (the period of EFMD’s existence). Even so, they have come under scrutiny, and attack, over their academic legitimacy and value proposition for business and society. In this book, drawn from a special issue of Global Focus, the EFMD has selected around 25 of the best, most thoughtful short papers published in Global Focus to examine the role and purpose of EFMD in the evolution of management education.

Each of the chapters interpret current strategic debates about the evolution of business schools and their paradigms and also identify possible strategic options for handling uncertain, volatile futures. These papers can be broadly categorized into four consistent themes: the first theme is concerned with the purpose and value proposition of management education; the second theme focuses on a perceived need for new business models and how to design and build them; the third theme addresses the question of the impact of the business school on business and society given the increasingly academic pursuits of business schools and their often weak links to the business community – the so-called rigour/relevance dilemma; and the fourth theme concerns how to ‘map’ and design business school futures in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous crisis-oriented environment.

This impressive collection of insights from business management leaders from across the globe is inspiring reading for higher education leaders, policy makers and business leaders seeking insight into the future of management education.

The Open Access version of this book, available at https://www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.

chapter |3 pages

Global Focus Magazine across the years

ByEric Cornuel, Howard Thomas, Matthew Wood
Size: 29.38 MB

chapter |15 pages

Looking back, thinking forward

15 years of Global Focus
ByEric Cornuel, Howard Thomas, Matthew Wood
Size: 55.83 MB

part Section_01|42 pages

The Purpose and Vision of a Business School

chapter |4 pages

Why management history matters

ByMorgan Witzel
Size: 7.28 MB

chapter |8 pages

What does business want from business schools?

ByRichard Lambert
Size: 3.48 MB

chapter |6 pages

Top Rank

ByGeorge Bickerstaffe
Size: 13.78 MB

chapter |8 pages

Can business schools rescue business?

ByGerard van Schaik
Size: 15.38 MB

chapter |6 pages

Does the DNA of Business Schools need to change?

ByArnoud de Meyer
Size: 14.61 MB

chapter |8 pages

The future of business schools: shut them down or broaden our horizons?

ByKen Starkey, Howard Thomas
Size: 21.96 MB

part Section_02|46 pages

Business Models and the Paradigm Trap

chapter |6 pages

University challenge

ByEric Cornuel
Size: 23.42 MB

chapter |8 pages

The Bologna effect: the emerging European masters market

ByGordon Shenton, Patrice Houdayer
Size: 14.03 MB

chapter |6 pages

A sustainable model for business schools?

ByKai Peters, Howard Thomas
Size: 4.45 MB

chapter |8 pages

The Business of Business Schools

ByKai Peters, Howard Thomas, Rick Smith
Size: 35.96 MB

chapter |8 pages

Needed: academic Triathletes

BySantiago Iñiguez
Size: 21.37 MB

chapter |8 pages

Assessing academics' performance

ByEdeltraud Hanappi-Egger
Size: 35.25 MB

part Section_03|56 pages

Rigour-Relevance and Business School Impact

chapter |6 pages

‘Scholarly impact’ and the co-production hypothesis

ByAndrew Pettigrew
Size: 31.52 MB

chapter |6 pages

Ipact: is it enough just to talk about its? just to talk about it?

ByMichel Kalika, Gordon Shenton
Size: 8.22 MB

chapter |8 pages

Real learning, Real impact

ByJean-François Manzoni
Size: 24.91 MB

chapter |6 pages

How Being Embedded in Your Region Helps Growth

ByThomas Bieger
Size: 9.53 MB

chapter |6 pages

Creating impact with purpose

ByPatricia Bradshaw, Erin Elaine Casey
Size: 26.93 MB

chapter |8 pages

Growing the impact of management education and scholarship

ByLaurent Batsch
Size: 33.47 MB

chapter |6 pages

Reconnecting with the business world

Socially Responsible Scholarship
ByAnne S Tsui
Size: 4.60 MB

chapter |8 pages

Intentional Impact from Business Schools

ByPaul Beaulieu
Size: 21.13 MB

part Section_04|47 pages

Uncertain Futures and Transformational Change

chapter |6 pages

The past is not the future

ByCharles Handy
Size: 8.47 MB

chapter |8 pages

A future for business education: why business as usual is bad business

ByChristopher Pitelis
Size: 12.81 MB

chapter |4 pages

The future is blended

BySantiago Iniguez
Size: 16.81 MB

chapter |6 pages

Apply liberally

Towards a model of liberal management education
ByHoward Thomas
Size: 16.15 MB

chapter |8 pages

Can they fix it?

ByJordi Canals
Size: 15.95 MB

chapter |8 pages

Casting Light in the Shadows

ByJohan Roos
Size: 15.17 MB

chapter |3 pages

Commentary: Where do we go now?

ByEric Cornuel, Howard Thomas, Matthew Wood
Size: 7.93 MB