Looking at a range of cases from around the Transpacific, the contributors to this book explore the complex formulations of race and racism emerging from transoceanic migrations and encounters in the region.

Asia has a history of ceaseless, active, and multidirectional migration, which continues to bear multilayered and complex genetic diversity. The traditional system of rank order between groups of people in Asia consisted of multiple “invisible” differences in variegated entanglements, including descent, birthplace, occupation, and lifestyle. Transpacific migration brought about the formation of multilayered and complex racial relationships, as the physically indistinguishable yet multifacetedly racialized groups encountered the hegemonic racial order deriving from the transatlantic experience of racialization based on “visible” differences. Each chapter in this book examines a different case study, identifying their complexities and particularities while contributing to a broad view of the possibilities for solidarity and human connection in a context of domination and discrimination. These cases include the dispossession of the Ainu people, the experiences of Burakumin emigrants in America, the policing of colonial Singapore, and data governance in India.

A fascinating read for sociologists, anthropologists, and historians, especially those with a particular focus on the Asian and Pacific regions.

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part I|86 pages

Encounters, Entanglement, and Solidarity

chapter 222|32 pages

Settler Colonialism as Encounter

On the Question of Racialization and Labor Power in the Dispossession of Ainu Lands
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chapter 3|30 pages

Burakumin Emigrants to America

Historical Experience of “Racialization” and Solidarity across the Pacific
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chapter 4|22 pages

From Anti-Japanese to Anti-Mexican

Linkages of Racialization Experiences in 1920s California
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part II|66 pages

Empire and Effects of Categorization

chapter 5108|19 pages

Colonial Rule and “Category”

Policing in Colonial Singapore
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chapter 6|29 pages

The Virtualization of Race

Data Governance and Racialization in Modern India
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part III|86 pages

Minor Alliance, Memory, and Affect

chapter 9|30 pages

The 1992 LA Uprising and the Politics of Representation

Multilayered Memories in Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992
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chapter 10|28 pages

Unraveling and Connecting in the Transpacific

The Narratives and Work of Yoko Inoue and Jean Shin
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