The history of Europe in the 20th century is closely tied to the history of urban planning. Social and economic progress but also the brute treatment of people and nature throughout Europe were possible due to the use of urban planning and the other levels of spatial planning. Thereby, planning has constituted itself in Europe as an international subject. Since its emergence, through intense exchange but also competition, despite country differences, planning has developed as a European field of practice and scientific discipline. Planning is here much more than the addition of individual histories; however, historiography has treated this history very selective regarding geography and content.

This book searches for an understanding of the historiography of planning in a European dimension. Scholars from Eastern and Western, Southern and Northern Europe address the issues of the public led production of city and the social functions of urban planning in capitalist and state-socialist countries. The examined examples include Poland and USSR, Czech Republic and Slovakia, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Portugal and Spain, Italy, and Sweden. The book will be of interest to students and scholars for Urbanism, Urban/Town Planning, Spatial Planning, Spatial Politics, Urban Development, Urban Policies, Planning History and European History of the 20th Century.

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chapter |8 pages


The Continent of Urban Planning and Its Changing Historiography
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part 1|94 pages

The Emergence of Contemporary Urban Planning

chapter 1.1|16 pages

Historiography Avant la Lettre?

On the Uses of History in Early Town Planning Manuals
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chapter 1.2|12 pages

Urban Hygiene and Slum Clearance as Catalysts

The Emergence of the Sanitary City and Town Planning
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chapter 1.3|12 pages

The Reverse of Urban Planning

First Steps for a Genealogy of Informal Urbanization in Europe
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chapter 1.4|11 pages

The Beginning of the Urbanism Teaching in the Schools of Architecture of Madrid and Barcelona

From Trazado, Urbanización y Saneamiento de Poblaciones to Urbanología
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chapter 1.5|10 pages

Rethinking Urban Extension and International Influences

Spain and the International Housing and Town Planning Congresses during the 1920s
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chapter 1.6|8 pages

Influences of European Urban Planning in Post-War Spain

Pedro Bidagor Collection of the Historical Service Archive of the Official College of Architects of Madrid
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chapter 1.7|11 pages

AméNagement, Embellissement et Extension des Villes

The French Law of 1919/24 on Urban Plans
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part 2|94 pages

Functions and Practices of Urban Planning under Changing Social Orders

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chapter 2.3|12 pages

French Tools for Urban Heritage Protection in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century

From Groundbreaking Systematization to a General Trend toward Integration of Planning Instruments
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chapter 2.4|14 pages

History and Heritage

The Reconstruction of Blitzed Cities
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chapter 2.5|10 pages

Planning GDR and Czechoslovakia

The Scale Question under State Socialism
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chapter 2.6|12 pages

Transportation and Urban Planning Under State Socialism

The Tramway in Medium-Sized Cities of the USSR, GDR and CSSR in the 1960s and 1970s
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chapter 2.7|11 pages

Contemporary European City-Making Process

Materialization-Emptying-Regeneration on Large Land Properties
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chapter 2.8|11 pages

Elective Affinities

The Recovery of Historic Seminal Ideas of European Urbanism for a Sustainable Urban Design in the Late 20th Century
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part 3|75 pages

Interpretation of the twentieth century planning history

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chapter 3.3|9 pages

The Anarchist Strain of Planning History

Pursuing Peter Hall's Cities of Tomorrow Thesis through the Geddes Connection, 1866–1976
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chapter 3.5|11 pages

A Look to Transgressive Planning Practices

Calling for Alternative Sources and Actors
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chapter 3.6|10 pages

Neglected Narratives of Post-War Italian Cities

Actors and Rationalities in the Shaping of the Ordinary Residential Landscape
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