This volume bridges contemporary philosophical conceptions of risk and responsibility and offers an extensive examination of the topic. It shows that risk and responsibility combine in ways that give rise to new philosophical questions and problems.

Philosophical interest in the relationship between risk and responsibility continues to rise, due in no small part to environmental crises, emerging technologies, legal developments, and new medical advances. Despite such interest, scholars are still working out how to conceive of the links between risk and responsibility, the implications that risks may have to conceptions of responsibility (and vice versa), as well as how such theorizing might play out in applied cases. With contributions from leading scholars, this volume brings together new work examining the interplay between risk and responsibility, exploring its varied philosophical aspects and applications to contemporary issues in law, bioethics, technology, and environmental ethics.

Risk and Responsibility in Context will be of interest to philosophers working in ethics, bioethics, philosophy of law, and philosophy of technology, as well as scholars and practitioners in law, health and science management, public policy, and environmental studies.

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part I|42 pages

Conceptual Context

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chapter 3|20 pages

Risk Mismanagement

The Illusion of Control in Indeterminate Systems
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part II|38 pages

Legal Context

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part III|62 pages

Bioethical Context

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chapter 7|22 pages

Moral Responsibility and Public Health Risks

Examples from the Coronavirus Pandemic
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part IV|58 pages

Technological Context

chapter 1729|18 pages

Emotions, Risk, and Responsibility

Emotions, Values, and Responsible Innovation of Risky Technologies
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part V|43 pages

Environmental Context

chapter 23012|18 pages

Resilience and Responsibilities

Normative Resilience for Responsibility Arrangements
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