This edited book provides international insights and recommendations around topics of gender and diversity in higher education linking to larger societal goals of improving equality.

Within each of the four sections – Student recruitment and retention, Student experience, Faculty and staff experiences and culture, and Higher education cultures of teaching and research – topics unpack and speak to gender and diversity, equity, inclusion and access, social justice, and leadership and sustainability in higher education institutions (HEIs). Incorporating innovative processes and methods, the researchers address how the experiences of groups who have been subordinated and marginalized can be heard, proposing a re-imagination of empowerment and leadership within higher education and best practices for the benefit of ongoing higher education development.

This book is ideal reading for higher education leaders, students on higher education courses, leadership courses, gender in education, as well as researchers, practitioners, for topics of gender and diversity, equity, inclusion and access, social justice, leadership and sustainability in HEIs.

chapter |4 pages


Reimagining Higher Education Leadership through Envisioning Spaces for Agency
ByAnna CohenMiller, Tamsin Hinton-Smith, Fawzia Haeri Mazanderani, Nupur Samuel
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part Part 1|62 pages

Student Recruitment and Retention

chapter 1|22 pages

De/Centring Gender in Higher Education Access Policy

Lived Experiences of Admission Practices in Nigeria
ByJennifer Jomafuvwe Agbaire
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chapter 2|18 pages

Marginalized Masculinities in Australian Higher Education

Gendered Subjectivities, Discursive Spaces and First-in-Family Men Being and Becoming at University
ByGarth Stahl, Sarah McDonald
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chapter 3|17 pages

Gendered Precarity, Intersectionality and Barriers to Higher Education for Women Seeking Asylum in Australia

ByLisa Hartley, Rebecca Field, Babar, Fatema, Atefeh, Rachel Burke, Sally Baker
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chapter |3 pages

In-Dialogue Editorial for Chapters 1–3

Student Recruitment and Retention – Problematising Student Access and Participation in International Contexts: Intersectional Identities, Capitals, Prejudice and Risks
ByTamsin Hinton-Smith
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part Part 2|62 pages

Student Experience

chapter 4|18 pages

Responding to the Needs of Women Students with Caring Responsibilities in Nigeria

ByCharlotte Morris, Rachel Masika, Chinyere Nwajiuba, Chinwe Victoria Ogunji, Zibah Nwako
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Size: 0.55 MB

chapter 6|19 pages

Gender and Higher Education in Nursing

Experiences of Male Nursing Trainees in Ghana
ByIsaac Mensah Boafo, Sylvia Esther Gyan
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chapter |4 pages

In-Dialogue Editorial for Chapters 4–6

Student Experience in Higher Education
ByFawzia Haeri Mazanderani
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part Part 3|108 pages

Faculty/Staff Experience

chapter 7|28 pages

Outsiders Reflecting on Invisible Institutional Gender Norms

ByNettie Boivin, Judit Háhn, Shomaila Sadaf
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chapter 8|20 pages

Gender, Precarity and Marginality in Higher Education Spaces in India

ByNupur Samuel, Umasankar Patra
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chapter 10|25 pages

Decolonising “Those Who Are Not” in Polish Higher Education Institutions

ByMaria Cywińska, Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska, Urszula Markowska-Manista
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chapter |4 pages

In-Dialogue Editorial for Chapters 7–10

Responding to Invisibility in Higher Education Institutions with Purposeful Collaboration, Cooperation and Collegiality to Improve Equity, Inclusion and Access
ByAnna CohenMiller
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part Part 4|86 pages

Higher Education Cultures of Teaching and Research

chapter 11|20 pages

Making Higher Education Institutions Gender-Sensitive

Visions and Voices from the Indian Education System
ByDebdatta Chowdhury
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chapter 12|21 pages

Co-Creating Cross-Cultural Approaches to Gender Mainstreaming in Higher Education

Experiences and Challenges in Developing an Interdisciplinary, International Feminist Knowledge-Exchange Research Approach
ByTamsin Hinton-Smith, Fawzia Haeri Mazanderani, Nupur Samuel, Anna CohenMiller
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chapter 13|20 pages

Improving Gender Diversity in STEM through an Inclusive Professional Framework

ByStephanie Knezz, Donald L. Gillian-Daniel, Claudia Irene Calderón, April Dukes, Robin Greenler, Louis Macias
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chapter 14|20 pages

Feminist Perspectives for the Co-decolonization of Gender Equality in Cambodian Higher Education

ByRothsophal Nguon, Samphors Mech, Kimkanika Ung, Kelly Grace, Whitney Szmodis
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chapter |3 pages

In-Dialogue Editorial for Chapters 11–14Higher Education Cultures of Teaching and Research

ByAnna CohenMiller, Tamsin Hinton-Smith, Fawzia Haeri Mazanderani, Nupur Samuel
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