This comprehensive handbook offers a broad overview of contemporary research on engineering education and its practical application. Over the past two decades, the field of engineering education research (EER) has become a vibrant and impactful community with new journals, conferences, and doctoral and research programs established across the globe. The increased interest in this area has helped improve the education and training of the next generation of engineers, as well as supporting growth in the use of technology for teaching and learning, increased attention to broadening participation, diversity and inclusion in the field, and a wide international expansion of the field.

Drawing on the work of 100 expert contributors from over 20 countries, this volume covers both emergent and established areas of research within engineering education, giving voice to newcomers to the field as well as perspectives from established experts. Contents include:

  • Sociocognitive and affective perspectives on engineering education.
  • Technology and online learning in engineering education.
  • Cultural and ethical issues including diversity, equity, and inclusion in engineering education.
  • Curriculum design, teaching practices, and teacher education at all levels.
  • Research methods and assessment in engineering education.

This book offers an innovative and in-depth overview of engineering education scholarship and practice, which will be of use to researchers in engineering education, engineering educators and faculty, teacher educators in engineering education or STEM education, and other engineering and STEM-related professional organizations.

The Open Access version of this book, available at https://www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND) 4.0 license.

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part 1|127 pages

Comparative Perspectives for Engineering Education Research

chapter 2|21 pages

The Historically Global Forming of Engineering Education

ByAparajith Ramnath, Amy Sue Bix, Christine Winberg, Aive Pevkur, Eddie Conlon
Size: 0.43 MB

chapter 3|21 pages

Gaps, Resources, and Potentials for Growth in Comparative Engineering Education Research

ByXiaofeng Tang, Jennifer M. Case, Andrés Felipe Valderrama Pineda
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chapter 4|36 pages

Decolonization in Engineering Education

ByJillian Seniuk Cicek, Stephanie Masta, Tom Goldfinch, Bruce Kloot
Size: 1.65 MB

chapter 5|28 pages

Developing a Global and Culturally Inclusive Vision of Engineering Ethics Education and Research

ByDiana A. Martin, Alison Gwynne-Evans, Aleksandra A. Kazakova, Qin Zhu
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chapter 6|19 pages

Disrupting Engineering Education

ByEuan D. Lindsay, Roger G. Hadgraft, Fiona Boyle, Ron Ulseth
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part 2|104 pages

Theoretical Orientations and Critical Approaches in Engineering Education Research

chapter 7|19 pages

The Role and Use of Theory in Engineering Education Research

ByAndrea Goncher, Ashish Hingle, Aditya Johri, Jennifer M. Case
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chapter 8|27 pages

Emotions in Engineering Education

ByJohanna Lönngren, Inês Direito, Roland Tormey, James L. Huff
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chapter 9|16 pages

Advancing an Integrative Perspective of Identity in Engineering Education

ByJames L. Huff, Monique S. Ross
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chapter 10|19 pages

Critical and Cultural Analysis of Engineering Learning

ByStephen Secules, Greses Pérez, Roy Pea, Aditya Johri
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chapter 11|21 pages

Critical Perspectives on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research in Engineering Education

ByJoel Alejandro Mejia, Julie P. Martin
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part 3|117 pages

Engineering Education Across Contexts and Participants

chapter 12|22 pages

Professional Learning for Pre-College Engineering Teachers

ByAdam R. Carberry, Stacy S. Klein-Gardner, Pamela S. Lottero-Perdue, Katherine L. Shirey
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chapter 13|23 pages

Engineering Graduate Education in the United States

ByGabriella Coloyan Fleming, Maura Borrego, David Knight
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chapter 14|26 pages

The Overlooked Impact of Faculty on Engineering Education

ByStephanie Cutler, Alexandra Coso Strong
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chapter 15|24 pages

Informal Learning as Opportunity for Competency Development and Broadened Engagement in Engineering

ByMadeline Polmear, Shannon Chance, Roger G. Hadgraft, Corrinne Shaw
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chapter 16|20 pages

Enabling a Skilled and Diverse Engineering Workforce with Non-Degree Credentials

ByHelen L. Chen, Abisola C. Kusimo, Isabel Cardenas-Navia
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part 4|120 pages

Advancing Pedagogy and Curriculum in Engineering Education

chapter 17|21 pages

Institutionalizing Social Justice in Engineering Curricula

ByDiana A. Chen, Gordon D. Hoople, Jon A. Leydens, Cindy Rottmann
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chapter 18|22 pages

Transforming Engineering Education Through Social Capital in Response to Hidden Curriculum

ByIdalis Villanueva Alarcón, Victoria Sellers, Robyn Paul, Buffy Smith
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chapter 19|31 pages

Collaborative Learning in Engineering Education

ByEmma Mercier, Molly H. Goldstein, Preethi Baligar, Robin Jephthah Rajarathinam
Size: 0.62 MB

chapter 20|24 pages

Teaching for Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership in Engineering

BySarah E. Zappe, Aileen Y. Huang-Saad, Nathalie Duval-Couetil, Denise R. Simmons
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chapter 21|20 pages

Educating the Whole Engineer by Integrating Engineering and the Liberal Arts

BySarah Jayne Hitt, Amy Banzaert, Olga Pierrakos
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part 5|117 pages

Engineering Education at the Intersection of Technology and Computing

chapter 22|22 pages

Engineering Education and Online Learning

ByAndrea Gregg, Nada Dabbagh
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chapter 23|24 pages

The Use of Extended Reality (XR), Wearable, and Haptic Technologies for Learning Across Engineering Disciplines

ByDiana Bairaktarova, Andrew Valentine, Rami Ghannam
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chapter 24|28 pages

Online Laboratories in Engineering Education Research and Practice

ByDominik May, Gustavo R. Alves, Alexander A. Kist, Susan M. Zvacek
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chapter 25|20 pages

Towards a Techno-Social Realist Approach in Primary and Secondary Computing Education

ByAman Yadav, Michael Lachney
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chapter 26|21 pages

A Selective Review of Computing Education Research

ByLauri Malmi, Aditya Johri
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part 6|135 pages

Engineering Education Research Methods and Assessment

chapter 27|20 pages

Delineating Anti-Blackness in Engineering Education Research Methodology

ByJames Holly, Kelly J. Cross, Walter C. Lee
Size: 0.44 MB

chapter 28|21 pages

Broadening Dissemination Genres to Share Hidden Insight via Design Cases in Engineering Education Research

ByVanessa Svihla, Lizandra C. Godwin, Ardeshir Raihanian Mashhadi, Jennifer R. Brown
Size: 0.49 MB

chapter 29|22 pages

Considerations for Engineering Education Research Using Quantitative Methods

ByMargret A. Hjalmarson, Geoffrey L. Herman, Kerrie A. Douglas
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chapter 30|30 pages

Advanced Considerations in Quantitative Methods for New Directions in Engineering Education Research

ByAndrew Katz, Allison Godwin, Cory Brozina
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chapter 31|20 pages

Contemporary Approaches to Assessment of Engineering Competencies for Diverse Learners

ByKerrie A. Douglas, Knut Neumann, Maria Elena Oliveri
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chapter 32|19 pages

The Future of Engineering Education Research

ByJeffrey Buckley, Patric Wallin, Esther Matemba, Jason Power, Atasi Mohanty, Gunter Bombaerts
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