This must-read book combines carefully selected contributions to form a collective scholarly critique of existing research with international students, focusing on key critical and conceptual considerations for research where international students are participants or co-researchers. It pushes forward new agendas for the future of research with international students in global contexts, posing new sets of problems, provocations, and possibilities.

Bringing together a range of interdisciplinary scholars, this book explores the many facets of research, which centres international students and their experiences. Each chapter concludes with practical reflection questions, suggestions for researchers, and examples in existing research to support research designs and aid in developing high-quality, critical research on this topic.

Bringing fresh perspectives to the topic of research with international students, the book focuses on:

  • Outlining current problems with existing research, including the ways that international students may be stereotyped, homogenised, Othered, or framed through deficit and colonial narratives
  • (Re)-conceptualising key ideas that underpin research which are currently taken for granted
  • Developing reflection points and practical guidance for new research designs which centre criticality and ethics
  • Outlining ways that discourses and narratives about international students can be made more complex, particularly in reflection of their intersectional identities

This key text is essential reading for researchers at all career stages to reflect on issues of power, inequality, and ethics, whilst developing understandings about critical choices in research design, analysis, and the presentation of findings.

The Open Access version of this book, available at https://www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND) 4.0 license.

chapter |7 pages


ByJenna Mittelmeier, Sylvie Lomer, Kalyani Unkule
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section Section 1|24 pages

How is current research positioned?

chapter 1|10 pages

Working towards inclusive definitions of international students

Reflecting, refiguring and reconceptualising as international students and researchers
BySummer Bennett, Asuka Ichikawa, Yuqi Lin, Meena Pannirselvam, Thornchanok Uerpairojkit
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chapter 2|12 pages

Mapping the subfield of existing research with international students

ByJenna Mittelmeier, Sylvie Lomer, Heather Cockayne, Rui He
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section Section 2|52 pages

What currently inhibits critical research?

chapter 4|10 pages

Stereotypes of international students

Reflecting on our scholarly responsibilities through conceptual framings
ByTang T. Heng, Nannan Lu
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Size: 0.44 MB

chapter 6|10 pages

Coloniality of power and research with international students

ByHyacinth Udah
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chapter 7|11 pages

Deficit narratives in research on international students

BySylvie Lomer, Sophia Hayat Taha, Aneta Hayes
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section Section 3|60 pages

How can understandings of international students be made more complex?

chapter 8|9 pages

Developing complex narratives about international students

ByJosef Ploner
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chapter 9|11 pages

Calling race into research with international students

Confronting omissions
ByShannon Hutcheson
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chapter 10|9 pages

Intersectional issues in research with disabled international students

ByArmineh Soorenian
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chapter 11|10 pages

Breaking binaries, engendering multiplicity

Decolonizing and queering research with international students
ByHoa N. Nguyen, Ashmi Desai, Ashish Agrawal, Kneo Mokgopa
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chapter 12|10 pages

Bringing gender into research with international students

BySiqi Zhang, Jenna Mittelmeier
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chapter 13|9 pages

From privilege to differentiation

International students' class reworkings
ByAna Luisa Muñoz-García, Teya Yu
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section Section 4|59 pages

What concepts might be reconsidered?

chapter 14|8 pages

Conceptualising to transcend

Glocal imaginaries and international students
ByKalyani Unkule
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chapter 15|10 pages

Conceptualising ‘mobilities’ in research with international students

ByJihyun Lee, Johanna Waters
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chapter 17|9 pages

International students and language

From individual ‘deficiency’ to instrument of oppression
ByVijay A. Ramjattan
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chapter 18|10 pages

Seeing international students

Challenging the culture trap
ByKumari Beck
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section Section 5|69 pages

How can research be designed better?

chapter 20|9 pages

Reflecting on international students and researcher positionality

ByHanne Kirstine Adriansen, Vera Spangler
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chapter 21|10 pages

A decolonial praxis for research with international students

ByBukola Oyinloye, Bowen Zhang
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chapter 22|9 pages

It's only fiction until it exists

Co-designing research with international students
ByMollie Dollinger, Samridhi Gupta, Thuy-Anh Nguyen
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chapter 23|9 pages

Reflecting on international students' voices and experiences in qualitative data

A narrative approach
ByCosmin Nada
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chapter 24|11 pages

Conducting critical quantitative research with international students

ByKeanen McKinley
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chapter 25|11 pages

Linguistic diversity in research with and by international students

Considerations for research design and practice
ByRichard Fay, Jane Andrews, Zhuomin Huang, Ross White
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chapter 26|8 pages

Re-centring constructions of international students in writing

The ‘empire writes back’
ByCatherine Montgomery
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