This book presents the first large overview of late Soviet religiosity across several confessions and Soviet republics, from the 1960s to the 1980s. Based on a broad range of new sources on the daily life of religious communities, including material from regional archives and oral history, it shows that religion not only survived Soviet anti-religious repression, but also adapted to new conditions. Going beyond traditional views about a mere "returned of the repressed", the book shows how new forms of religiosity and religious socialisation emerged, as new generations born into atheist families turned to religion in search of new meaning, long before perestroika facilitated this process. In addition, the book examines anew religious activism and transnational networks between Soviet believers and Western organisations during the Cold War, explores the religious dimension of Soviet female activism, and shifts the focus away from the non-religious human rights movement and from religious institutions to ordinary believers.

chapter |19 pages


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chapter 1|14 pages

Change of Ritual Practice under Communism

The Case of the Russian Orthodox Church in Soviet Ukraine in the Late 1950s to Early 1970s
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chapter 2|16 pages

The Erosion of Tradition

Life Cycle Rites among the Orthodox in the Kama River Region (1950s–1980s)
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chapter 5|13 pages

The Boundaries of Legality as an Approach to the Study of Soviet Religious Policy

The Case of Evangelical Christians-Baptists
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chapter 6|12 pages

Trying to Leave the Religious Underground

Registration of Catholic Communities in Late Soviet Kazakhstan
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chapter 9|15 pages

A Christian Feminism in the USSR?

A Historical Overview of the Religious Women's Club “Mariia” (1980–1982)
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chapter 10|16 pages

Startsy, Samizdat and Underground Seminars

The “Parallel Polis” of Young Russian Orthodox Converts in the 1970s–1980s 1
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chapter 12|16 pages

Longing for Truth, Morality, and Enchantment

Late Soviet Spiritual Searches and Journeys to Islam, 1970s–1980s
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