This anthology contributes to creating awareness on how digital ageism operates in relation to the widely spread symbolic representations of old and young age around digital technologies, the (lack of) representation of diverse older individuals in the design, development, and marketing of digital technologies and in the actual algorithms and datasets that constitute them. It also shows how individuals and institutions deal with digital ageism in everyday life.

In the past decades, digital technologies permeated most aspects of everyday life. With a focus on how age is represented and experienced in relation to digital technologies leading to digital ageism, digitalisation’s reinforcement of spirals of exclusion and loss of autonomy of some collectives is explored, when it could be natural for a great part of society and represent a sort of improvement.

The book addresses social science students and scholars interested in everyday digital technologies, society and the power struggles about it, providing insights from different parts of the globe. By using different methods and touching upon different aspects of digital ageism and how it plays out in contemporary connected data societies, this volume will raise awareness, challenge power, initiate discussions and spur further research into this field.

The Open Access version of this book, available at www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

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chapter 5|28 pages

The marketing of technology products for older people

Evidence of visual ageism
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chapter 6|18 pages

Human-computer interaction research on ageism

Essential, incipient and challenging
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chapter 7|18 pages

Age bias on the move

The case of smart mobility
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chapter 10|18 pages

Coping in the culture of connectivity

How older adults make sense of living with digital ageism
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chapter 11|19 pages

Tackling ageism in socio-technical interventions

An actor-network analysis of Digital Storytelling workshops with care home residents
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chapter 12|19 pages

Digital and personal networks

Interactions in later life. Evidence from six Latin American countries
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