This book explains deliberative constitution-making with a special focus on the connections between participation, representation and legitimacy and provides a general overview of what the challenges and prospects of deliberative constitution-making are today.

It seeks to provide a more complete picture of what is at stake as a political trend in various places in the world, both theoretically and empirically grounded. Distinctively, the book studies not only established democracies and well-known cases of deliberative constitution-making but also such practices in authoritarian and less consolidated democratic settings and departs from a traditional institutional perspective to have a special focus on actors, and in particular underrepresented groups.

This book is of key interest to scholars and students of deliberative democracy, constitutional politics, democratization and autocratization studies, citizen participation and more broadly to comparative politics, public administration, social policy and law.

chapter |16 pages


Does it matter if constitution-making is deliberative?
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chapter 1|12 pages

The meanings of deliberation and citizen participation

Representing the citizens in constitution-making processes
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chapter 5|14 pages

Ethnic groups and constitutional deliberation

Understanding participation in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Romania
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chapter 6|19 pages

‘Deliberating the Rights of the Child’

The inclusion of children in deliberative democracy and some insights from Israel
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chapter 8|15 pages

Lessons from two island nations

Re-reading the Icelandic deliberative constitutional process in light of the success of the Irish Constitutional Convention
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chapter 10|15 pages

Can the decolonial be deliberative? Constitution-making and colonial contexts

Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands
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chapter 11|19 pages

Constitutional referendums and deliberation

Direct democratic integrity in Russia, Italy, and Turkey
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chapter |14 pages


Hopes and limits of deliberative and democratic constitution-making
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