Analysing Education Policy: Theory and Method provides a comprehensive overview of key approaches in critical education policy research. With chapters from internationally recognised and established scholars in the field, this book provides an authoritative account of how different questions may be approached and answered.

Part 1 features chapters focused on text-based approaches to analysis, including critical discourse analysis, thinking with Foucault, Indigenist Policy Analysis, media analysis, the analysis of promotional texts in education, and the analysis of online networks. Part 2 features chapters focused on network ethnography, actor-network theory, materiality in policy, Institutional Ethnography, decolonising approaches to curriculum policy, working with children and young people, and working with education policy elites. These chapters are supported by an introduction to each section, as well as an overall introduction and conclusion chapter from the editors, drawing together key themes and ongoing considerations for the field.

Critical education policy analysis takes many different forms, each of which works with distinctly different questions and fulfils different purposes. This book is the first to clearly map current common and influential approaches to answering these questions, providing important guidance for both new and established researchers.

part |17 pages


chapter 1|15 pages

Analysing Education Policy

An introduction
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part 1|108 pages

Document and text analysis

chapter 3|16 pages

Critical Discourse Analysis

Language, ideology, and power
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chapter 5|20 pages

Indigenist Policy Analysis

The Uluru Statement from the Heart as a road map towards recognising Indigenous sovereignty in Indigenous education
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chapter 6|15 pages

Media Analysis

From the wide angle to the zoom lens
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chapter 7|15 pages

Sites of Promotion

Analysing prospectuses, websites and experiential marketing
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part 2|123 pages

Participant analysis

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chapter 10|21 pages

Network Ethnography in Education

A literature review of network ethnography as a methodology and how it has been applied in critical policy studies
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chapter 11|14 pages

Actor-Network Theory

A material-semiotic approach to policy analysis
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chapter 13|15 pages

Institutional Ethnography

Discovering how education policy organises the everyday work of people
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chapter 15|20 pages

Beyond Surveys and Focus Groups

Including the views of children and young people in education policy analysis
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part |8 pages


chapter 17|6 pages

Analysing Education Policy

Now and into the future
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