Institutional focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion affects all parts of higher education management. Gender Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Academia: A Conceptual Framework for Sustainable Transformation scrutinises the conceptual framework for diversity, equity, and inclusion actions in academia to facilitate research-based and critically reflected decisions in higher education management.

The book contains 24 chapters, each focused on one of 24 fundamental concepts that are essential for identifying, understanding, and implementing organizational changes and counteracting unjustified disadvantages faced by women and members of other gender minorities in academia, preceded by an introductory binding chapter. The book also discusses concepts directed towards solutions, such as affirmative action and feminist pedagogies, and overcomes the traditional binary approach on gender by incorporating specific challenges faced by LGBTQ+ and transgender staff and students.

Gender Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Academia will be key reading for academics in Gender Studies and Education Studies, while also serving as a vital resource for individual consumers working in or preparing to enter leadership positions in higher education.

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part I|68 pages

Minorities and group-based vulnerabilities in academia

chapter 1|12 pages


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chapter 4|11 pages

Canon 1

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chapter 5|10 pages


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chapter 6|13 pages


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part II|105 pages

Underlying culture, attitudes, and practices

chapter 7|11 pages

Discrimination 1

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chapter 8|10 pages


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chapter 9|10 pages


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chapter 10|11 pages


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chapter 11|11 pages

Epistemic injustice

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chapter 12|13 pages

Self-respect 1

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chapter 13|8 pages

Stereotype threats 1

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chapter 14|11 pages

Implicit gender bias 1

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chapter 15|9 pages


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chapter 16|9 pages

Sexual harassment

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part III|80 pages

Inclusive actions towards transformation

chapter 17|11 pages

Research assessments

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chapter 18|9 pages

Feminist pedagogies

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chapter 20|10 pages

Gendered spaces and practices 1

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chapter 21|7 pages

Gender balance

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chapter 22|12 pages

Affirmative action 1

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chapter 23|10 pages

Democratic equality

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