This book seeks to reassess and shed new light on pan-nationalisms in general and on Scandinavianism/Nordism in particular, by seeing them as possible futures and as interconnected ideas and practices across and beyond Europe.

An actor- and practice-oriented approach is applied at the expense of more essentialist categorisations of what pan-nationalism is, or is not, to underline both the synchronic and diachronic diversity of various pan-national movements. A range of expert international scholars discuss encounters, transfers, similarities and differences among pan-movements in Norden and Europe based on a broad empirical material, focusing on Scandinavianism/Nordism, pan-Slavism, pan-Turanism, pan-Germanism and Greater Netherlandism, and the position of Britishness in Great Britain.

This book will be of key interest to scholars and students of nationalism, European history, European studies and Scandinavian studies, history, social science, political geography, civil society and literary studies.

chapter 1|18 pages


Scandinavianism and Nordism in a Europe of pan-national movements
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chapter 2|16 pages

Quixotic? Not quite

The context, agenda and legacy of macronational movements
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part I|62 pages

Scandinavianism and great power politics

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chapter 5|21 pages

The Russian empire and Scandinavianism

Grasping a moving target, 1840−1864
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part II|40 pages

Pan-movements, international influences and networks

chapter 6|18 pages

Pan-nationalisms across borders

Scandinavianism in the community of nations, 1830−1870
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part III|62 pages

Nation-building and region-building: From Scandinavianism to Nordism

chapter 9|22 pages

Organised into existence

Scandinavianism and pan-Scandinavian associations within and beyond the region
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part IV|84 pages

European pan-movements: Comparative perspectives

chapter 11|19 pages

Constructive forgetting and reconciliatory memory in nineteenth-century historical fiction

A comparative perspective on Scandinavianism, pan-Germanism and Greater Netherlandism
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chapter 15|6 pages


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