Science communication aims at the successful sharing and explanation of sciencerelated topics to a wider audience. In order to enhance communication between science and society, a better understanding of citizens’ habits and perceptions is needed. Therefore, it is vital to understand how citizens acquire knowledge about science- related issues, how this knowledge affects their beliefs, opinions and perceptions, and what sources of information they choose to learn about science – and how they assess their reliability. This book addresses these questions, based on the analyses of public consultations data from Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain, concerned with the science communication of issues including climate change, vaccines, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Sharing experiences of how to engage citizens in public consultation, it provides insights into the mobilisation of interest in science and offers recommendations on how to improve science communication.

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chapter 2|27 pages

What do citizens want?

Science communication in the eyes of the public
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