Climate, Science and Society: A Primer makes cutting-edge research on climate change accessible to student readers.

The primer consists of 37 short chapters organized within 11 parts written by Science and Technology Studies (STS) and other social science scholars. It covers a range of key topics including communication, justice and inequality, climate policy, and energy transitions, situating each one within the context of STS studies. Each reading translates a focused area of climate change research into short, accessible, and lively prose. Chapter authors open debates where relevant, consider policy implications, critique existing areas of research, and otherwise situate their reading within a larger body of research relevant to climate change courses.

Designed as a jumping-off point for further exploration, this innovative book will be essential reading for students studying climate change, STS, environmental sociology, and environmental sciences.

The Open Access version of this book, available at www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.

part I|26 pages

Climate Change Science as a Social Issue

chapter 1|8 pages

Future Times and Spaces

Tracing Objectivity, Scale, and Politics in the Social Life of Climate Science
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chapter 2|8 pages

Meteorology, Climate Science, and Empire

Histories and Legacies
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part II|20 pages

Theorizing Climate, Science, and Society

chapter 5|8 pages

Political Economies of Climate Science

Beyond Technological Villains and Scientific Saviors
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part III|27 pages

Media and Public Communication about Climate Change

chapter 6|9 pages

Climate Change Communication

Simple, Right?
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chapter 7|8 pages

Public Communication and Perceptions of Climate Change in Brazil

Eloisa Beling Loose and Anabela Carvalho
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chapter 8|8 pages

News and Social Media Imagery of Climate Change

Analyzing the Role and Impact of Visuals in Public Communication
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part IV|26 pages

NGOs, Civil Society, and Social Movements

chapter 9|9 pages

Non-Governmental Organizations and the Environmental Movement

Challenges in Climate Change Framing
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chapter 10|7 pages

Expert Activists and NGOs

Understanding and Acting on Global Climate Change
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chapter 11|8 pages

Skirting the Frame

Prepping and the Conservative Politics of Climate Change
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part V|34 pages

Climate Justice

chapter 12|8 pages

Postcards from Small Town India

Situated Climate Justice, Science, and Technology
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chapter 15|8 pages

Climate Justice

Taking Back the Commons
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part VI|32 pages

Climate Governance

chapter 16|7 pages

Climate Change as Ontological Unsettling

A View from the City
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chapter 17|8 pages

The IPCC as a Body of Expertise

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part VII|28 pages

Energy, Sustainability, and Sociotechnical Transitions

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chapter 21|6 pages

Configuring Markets and Transactions for Energy System Transition

A Role for STS Research
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chapter 23|8 pages

STS and the Design of Futures

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part VIII|34 pages

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience

chapter 24|9 pages

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience

Sociotechnical and Knowledge Dimensions
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chapter 26|9 pages

Farming in Climate Crisis

Agricultural Adaptation(s) in Central New York State
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part IX|22 pages

Art, Infrastructure, and Climate

chapter 28|7 pages

Amphibious Cities

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chapter 30|7 pages

Averted Vision

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part X|35 pages

Climate Engineering

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part XI|26 pages

Climate Futures

chapter 35|7 pages

Futuring in Climate Politics

Activism and the Politics of the Imagination
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