This is the first scholarly volume to offer an insight into the less-known stories of women, children, and international volunteers in the Spanish Civil War.

Special attention is given to volunteers of different historical experiences, especially Jews, and voices from less-researched countries in the context of the Spanish war, such as Palestine and Turkey. Of an interdisciplinary nature, this volume brings together historians and literary scholars from different countries. Their research is based on newly found primary sources in both national and private archives, as well as on post-essentialist methodological insights for women’s history, Jewish history, and studies on belonging. By bringing together a group of emerging and senior scholars from different countries, we highlight the polyphony of voices of diverse individuals drawn into the Spanish Civil War. Contributors to this volume have explored new or little-researched primary sources found in archives and documentary centers, including papers held by relatives of the people we study.

The volume is aimed at both scholarly and non-scholarly public, including any readers interested in the Spanish Civil War, twentieth-century European history, Jewish studies, women’s history, or anti-fascism. This volume can be used both in undergraduate college courses and in postgraduate university seminars.

chapter |11 pages


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chapter 1|14 pages

Foreign Volunteering

New Trends in the Historiography
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chapter 2|15 pages

Madrid est près de Berlin

An Untold Story from the Spanish Civil War in the German Federal Archive
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chapter 4|25 pages

“Fighting Other People's War”

Arab Palestinian Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War
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chapter 6|20 pages

Social and Literary Engagement

Ruth Rewald and the Children of the Spanish Civil War
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chapter 7|27 pages

Politicizing and De-Politicizing Childhood

The Case of the North Stoneham Basque Children's Camp
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chapter 8|18 pages

Between Chicos de España and “Homenaje al pueblo español”

Toward an Interpretation of Samuel Glusberg's Solidarity from the Margins
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chapter 9|18 pages

A Theater of Diplomacy

Cipriano de Rivas Cherif (1891–1967) and the Spanish Civil War
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chapter 11|21 pages

Talking About a Revolution

Federica Montseny and Emma Goldman During the Spanish Civil War
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chapter 12|12 pages


Female Combatants on the Screen—Oblivion and the Recuperation of Memories
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chapter 13|10 pages

Textual Intervention during the Spanish Civil War

Voices of Solidarity from Turkey
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chapter 14|22 pages

Echoes of Spain

The Recruitment of Yugoslav-Canadian Spanish Civil War Veterans and Their Comrades into the Special Operations Executive during the Second World War
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